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TitlePotential of Synthetic Aperture Radar for Large Scale Soil Moisture Monitoring
AuthorBoisvert, J B; Pultz, T J; Brown, R J; Brisco, B
SourceCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing 22, 1, 1996 p. 2-13,
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041466
PublisherInforma UK Limited
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
Released2014 07 31
AbstractSynthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) provides a remote sensing tool to measure soil moisture. The mapping of surface soil moisture from the grey level of an image is a feasible task, but several factors can interfere in the interpretation and must be taken into account. The most important factors are surface roughness, crop cover, and radar configuration. Once these factors have been accounted for through algorithms, models, or an expert system, the information can be used for several application, such as monitoring, initializing and validating regional soil moisture models, rainfall spatial distribution, estimating water supplies in spring and fall, detecting field soil moisture spatial variability, and identifying field soil moisture spatial variability, and identifying field drainage problems. The potential of SAR and RADARSAT for soil moisture monitoring is evaluated based on actual user requrements and the knowledge acquired from Canadian experiments using ground, airborne, and space radar. The limiting factors are discussed and solutions are suggested.

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