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TitleLabrador Ice Margin Experiment (LIMEX'89); An Overview
AuthorArgus, S; Raney, R K; McNutt, L; Livingstone, C
SourceProc. IGARSS'89/ 12th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing; 1989 p. 1517-1519
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041438
AbstractLIMEX (Labrador Ice Margin Experiment) was conceived as a series of multidisciplinary experiments, to prepare for the optimal use of microwave data from the satellites ERS-1, J-ERS-1, RADARSAT and SSMI. The primary objective of LIMEX'89 was to establish a link between the status and evolution of ice and ocean properties in the economically important Labrador marginal ice zone (MIZ) and corresponding remotely sensed data, particularly Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery. LIMEX'89 took place off the East coast of Newfoundland, 4 March -4 April. The international multifacility experiment was highly successful and met or exceeded LIMEX data objectives and the data requirements of most investigators. Initial indications are that the data will produce exciting results and substantially enhance understanding of microwave response to ice and ocean conditions and processes typical of the Southern Labrador Sea.

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