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TitleThe Use of Multitemporal Spaceborne SAR for Discrimination of Forest Features in the Whitecourt, Alberta area
AuthorSchaller, S; McKirdy, I; Ahern, F; Akhavi, M
SourceProceedings of the Seventeenth Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing; 1995 p. 700-705
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041411
AbstractThe purpose of this project is to determine the utility of multi-season spaceborne radar (JERS-1 and ERS-1) for forest cover mapping and discriminating tree species. A consistent visual coincidence between multi-season JERS-1 images and vegetation patterns on TM imagery is observed. Correlations were more difficult to distinguish in ERS-1 composites probably due to speckle and lower resolution. Topographic effects appear to mask patterns of vegetation in ERS-1 images more than JERS-1 images, perhaps because of the steeper incidence angle of ERS-1 radar. The JERS-1 imagery showed most clearcuts fairly well in single-date and colour composite images, although they are less visible in the winter image. It was observed that visibility of many ground features is dependent on season; this may be due to presence or absence of snow cover, changes in biomass, weather conditions, surface moisture, etc.

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