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TitleSimulation of RADARSAT Scanner for Sea Ice Applications (extended abstract)
AuthorManore, M J; Heacock, T D; Bretz, T; Porter, K
SourceProceedings, IGARSS'94, Pasadena, California; 1994 p. 1522
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041370
AbstractIn preparation for the use of RADARSAT for operational sea ice reconnaissance, the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing has undertaken a project to simulate the geographic coverage, information content and radiometric characteristics of RADARSAT ScanSAR imagery for user evaluation. ScanSAR will be the principal mode of RADARSAT used by the operational sea ice community because of its wide area coverage of frequent repeat period. The simulation was based on a mosaic of ERS-1 SAR images of the western Canadian Arctic collected in midwinter. These conditions were chosen to minimize signature differences between ERS-1 and RADARSAT (due to polarization and incidence angle) and to minimize disconinuities at scene boundaries due to ice motion. The mosaic was processed through a simulation software package (Intera Technologies Ltd.) to simulate the resolution, thermal noise and speckle characteristics and ScanSAR. An evaluation of the suitability of ScanSAR imager for ice reconnaissance will be presented in an interactive poster session.

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