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TitleNorthern Biosphere Observation and Modelling Experiment
AuthorCihlar, J; Band, L; Beaubien, J; Chen, J M; Desjardins, R; Fisher, T A; Holling, C; Li, Z; Royer, A; Stocks, B
SourceProgress Report; 1995 p. 34
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041284
AbstractThis report reviews the progress made in the NBIOME project, one of the interdisciplinary investigations of the U.S. MTPE Program. The following scientific achievements of the NBIOME team are briefly discussed, in most cases with reference to published papers: detection of contaminated pixels in the composites; bidirectional reflectance distribution and corrections; generation of composites with reduced radiometric noise; processing methodology for AVHRR GAC data; information extraction from medium resolution optical satellite data; land classification from composite AVHRR images and from single-date AVHRR images; canopy absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (APAR); leaf area index (LAI) estimation; surface radiation budget (SRB) estimation; contribution of Canadian agroecosystems to carbon budget; role of forest fires; satellite measurements and surface processes; primary productivity of the boreal forest using photosynthetic efficiency model; primary productivity of the boreal forest using biogeochemical and production efficiency models; global scale characterization of surface biophysical parameters of the boreal ecosystems; and the role and modelling of mesoscale structuring processes. A copy of the report is available from CCRS upon request.

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