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TitlePhoto-Interpretation Keys Expert System (PIKES)
AuthorFung, K B; Goodenough, D G; Ryerson, R A
SourceIGARSS '93: International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, proceedings; vol. 1, 1993 p. 177-182
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041143
Alt SeriesRESORS 1098130
MeetingIGARSS '93: International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium; Tokyo; JP; August 18-21 1993
Subjectsgeneral geology; photography; photogrammetric techniques; photogeology; photogrammetric surveys; computer applications; software
Illustrationsschematic diagrams
ProgramIndustry, Science and Technology Canada, Funding Program
AbstractPhoto and image interpretation is a skill which incorporates the experience of the interpreter, knowledge of the object being delineated and its environment, and visual clues within an image for locating and identifying the nature of objects. Although photo-interpretation has been used since the early days of aerial reconnaissance, it has proven difficult to computerize this technique. While image enhancement and classification techniques can provide additional visual clues to the interpreters, it was not until the development of symbolic reasoning, such as exist in expert systems, that an intelligent interpreter assistant type of computer program were considered to assist the interpreter's reasoning process in a logical manner.
The Canada Centre for Remote Sensing together with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., has implemented an intelligent photo and image interpreter assistant methodology into a system called PIKES (Photo Interpretation Keys Expert System). Pikes is intended to operate as a tutor to teach novice interpreters the art of photo and image interpretation, and as an intelligent assistant to seasoned interpreters. It will guide the interpretation process by presenting image keys relevant to the image being interpreted. This methodology constrains the solution space for the interpreter.

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