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TitleDerivation of Digital Elevation Data Requirements for Operational Satellite Image Geocoding
AuthorGuindon, B
SourceProceedings of the International Symposium on Operationalization of Remote Sensing, International Symposium, Proceedings, Enschede, The Netherlands, April 19-23; 6, 1993 p. 1-13
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20041115
Alt SeriesRESORS 1093863
AbstractOperational geocoding facilities have traditionally generated satellite products which have been projected to a reference ellipsoid. Geometric distortions associated with terrain elevation variations have been ignored, in large part because of the lack of digital elevation data. With the advent of operational satellite synthetic aperture radars (SARs) and the launch of high resolution, off-nadir viewing VIR sensors, terrain-related parallax has become a major concern and future operational correction facilities must include large area DEM databases as a routine auxiliary data source. This paper addresses issues related to the design of such databases. A methodology is presented to quantify and inter-compare the sensitivity of various imaging geometries to elevation displacement. In the design of large area DEM databases it is shown that DEM sampling density can have a significant impact on geocoding accuracy. From a study of combined global low resolution elevation data (ETOPO-5) and higher resolution DEMs of North America (level 1 DTEDs) it is shown that high resolution spatial sampling requirements can be predicted from ETOPO-5 because of the statistical self-similarity of topography. Example DEM sampling requirement maps are presented for RADARSAT and SPOT imagery.

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