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TitleEvaluation of algorithms for the geometric correction of Thematic Mapper data
AuthorGuindon, B
Source10th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing/10e Symposium canadien sur la télédétection; vol. 1, 1986 p. 47-54
Alt SeriesEarth Sciences Sector, Contribution Series 20040585
Alt SeriesRESORS 1057224
Meeting10th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing - 10e Symposium canadien sur la télédétection; Edmonton, Alta; CA; May 5-8, 1986
AbstractOver the past two years, research has been underway at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing into the evaluation of algorithms which are applicable to the geometric correction of Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery. The results of this effort are being incorporated into a flexible correction capability on the LANDSAT Digital Image Analysis System (LDIAS). When the software package is complete, it will allow researchers to correct imagery to a variety of map projections and a range of sampling intervals and to apply corrections for terrain relief.
This paper describes the details of the processing flow which has been implemented to date. The major topics include processing of ancillary data, acquisition and utilization of ground control points and image resampling. A series of correction experiments have been carried out in which a raw TM scene of the Guelph, Ontario region has been rectified to a UTM map projection. Rectification accuracies of 16 to 17 meters have been achieved using a simplified control point processing scheme.

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