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TitleGeology, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia;
AuthorHaggart, J W
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 4681, 2004, 1 sheet,
Documentopen file
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, bedrock geology and structural features, 1:250,000
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf; JPEG2000
ProvinceBritish Columbia
NTS102O/14; 103B/03; 103B/05; 103B/06; 103B/11; 103B/12; 103B/13; 103C/09; 103C/16; 103F/01; 103F/02; 103F/07; 103F/08; 103F/09; 103F/10; 103F/11; 103F/14; 103F/15; 103F/16; 103G/04; 103G/05; 103G/12; 103G/13; 103J/04; 103K/01; 103K/02; 103K/03
AreaQueen Charlotte Islalnd; Moresby Island; Louise Island; Graham Island; Talunkwan Island; Ramsay Island; Burnaby Island; Lyell Island
Lat/Long WENS-133.5000 -130.7500 54.2667 51.7500
Subjectsstructural geology; stratigraphy; bedrock geology; sedimentary rocks; sandstones; mudstones; shales; turbidites; siltstones; limestones; igneous rocks; volcanic rocks; structural features; faults; Skonun Formation; Masset Formation; Queen Charlotte Group; Honna Formation; Skidegate Formation; Haida Formation; Longarm Formation; Yakouin Group; Maude Group; Kunga Group; Sandilands Formation; Peril Formation; Sadler Limestone; Karmutsen formation; Cenozoic; Quaternary; Mesozoic; Cretaceous; Jurassic; Triassic
Yukon Geological Survey, Whitehorse Mining Recorder, Geoscience Information & Sales
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Calgary (Earth Sciences)
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Natural Resources Canada library - Vancouver (Earth Sciences)
Released2004 08 01