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TitleDispersal train identification algorithm (DTIA)
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorHarris, J R; Viljoen, DORCID logo; Bonham-Carter, G F; Brown, N
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 4672, 2004; 1 CD-ROM, Open Access logo Open Access
LinksCanadian Database of Geochemical Surveys, downloadable files
LinksBanque de données de levés géochimiques du Canada, fichiers téléchargeables
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
MediaCD-ROM; digital; on-line
File formatreadme / lisez-moi
File formatdoc; txt; pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Subjectsmathematical and computational geology; economic geology; surficial geology/geomorphology; dispersal patterns; sediment dispersal; glacial deposits; tills; mineral exploration; ice movement directions; geographic information system; geographic information system applications
Illustrationsplots; graphs; histograms
Released2004 08 01
AbstractA new algorithm for detecting potential dispersal trains in geochemical data sampled from till is presented. This algorithm, referred to as the dispersal train identification algorithm (DTIA), is written in visual basic for applications (VBA) and can be run from any application that supports VBA. A Microsoft word document is supplied that contains the code and the program can be run from this document. This open file release contains a users manual, a previously published paper describing DTIA (Harris and Bonham-Carter, 2003) and a test dataset for experimentation purposes.

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