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TitleEarly and Middle Proterozoic evolution of Yukon, Canada
AuthorThorkelson, D J; Abbott, J G; Mortensen, J K; Creaser, R A; Villeneuve, M E; McNicoll, V J; Layer, P W
SourceThe Lithoprobe Slave - Northern Cordillera Lithospheric Evolution (SNORCLE) transect/La géotraverse de l'évolution lithosphérique de la Cordillère du Nord et de la province du lac des Esclaves (SNORCLE); by Cook, F A (ed.); Erdmer, P (ed.); Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences vol. 42, no. 6, 2005 p. 1045-1071,
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2004074
Alt SeriesLithoprobe Publication 1373
PublisherCanadian Science Publishing
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceYukon; Northwest Territories; British Columbia
NTS94J; 94K; 94L; 94M; 94N; 94O; 95B; 95C; 95D; 95E; 95F; 95G; 95J; 95K; 95L; 95M; 95N; 95O; 96B; 96C; 96D; 96E; 96F; 96G; 96J; 96K; 96L; 96M; 96N; 96O; 97A/03; 97A/04; 97A/05; 97A/06; 97A/11; 97A/12; 97A/13; 97A/14; 97B; 97C; 97D/03; 97D/04; 97D/05; 97D/06; 97D/11; 97F/01; 97F/04; 97F/05; 104I; 104J; 104K/01; 104K/02; 104K/03; 104K/06; 104K/07; 104K/08; 104K/09; 104K/10; 104K/11; 104K/12; 104K/13; 104K/14; 104K/15; 104K/16; 104L/16; 104M/01; 104M/02; 104M/07; 104M/08; 104M/09; 104M/10; 104M/11; 104M/13; 104M/14; 104M/15; 104M/16; 104N; 104O; 104P; 105; 106; 107A; 107B; 107C; 107D; 107E/01; 107E/02; 107E/03; 107E/08; 114I/13; 114I/14; 114O/08; 114O/09; 114O/10; 114O/15; 114O/16; 114P/02; 114P/03; 114P/04; 114P/05; 114P/06; 114P/07; 114P/08; 114P/09; 114P/10; 114P/11; 114P/12; 114P/13; 114P/14; 114P/15; 114P/16; 115A; 115B/01; 115B/02; 115B/03; 115B/05; 115B/06; 115B/07; 115B/08; 115B/09; 115B/10; 115B/11; 115B/12; 115B/13; 115B/14; 115B/15; 115B/16; 115C/07; 115C/08; 115C/09; 115C/10; 115C/15; 115C/16; 115F/01; 115F/02; 115F/07; 115F/08; 115F/09; 115F/10; 115F/15; 115F/16; 115G; 115H; 115I; 115J; 115K/01; 115K/02; 115K/07; 115K/08; 115K/09; 115K/10; 115K/15; 115K/16; 115N/01; 115N/02; 115N/07; 115N/08; 115N/09; 115N/10; 115N/15; 115N/16; 115O; 115P; 116A; 116B; 116C/01; 116C/02; 116C/07; 116C/08; 116C/09; 116C/10; 116C/15; 116C/16; 116F/01; 116F/02; 116F/07; 116F/08; 116F/09; 116F/10; 116F/15; 116F/16; 116G; 116H; 116I; 116J; 116K/01; 116K/02; 116K/07; 116K/08; 116K/09; 116K/10; 116K/15; 116K/16; 116N/01; 116N/02; 116N/07; 116N/08; 116N/09; 116N/10; 116N/15; 116N/16; 116O; 116P; 117A; 117B/01; 117B/08; 117B/09; 117B/16; 117C/01; 117C/08; 117C/09; 117C/16; 117D/02; 117D/03; 117D/04; 117D/05; 117D/06; 117D/12
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -122.0000 70.7500 58.0000
Subjectsgeneral geology; geochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; mineralogy; regional geology; structural geology; tectonics; intracratonic basins; structural basins; faults, extension; orogenesis; orogenies; magmatism; hydrothermal systems; hydrothermal alteration; igneous rocks; intrusive rocks; deformation; downgoing slab; volcanic processes; volcanic rocks; deformation; metamorphism; Proterozoic
Illustrationslocation maps; geological sketch maps; stratigraphic columns; cross-sections, structural; tables; graphs
ProgramLithoprobe Slave-Northern Cordillera Lithospheric Evolution Transect (SNORCLE)
ProgramNSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
ProgramYukon Geology Program
Released2005 06 01
AbstractThis paper provides a comprehensive synthesis of virtually all units and events of Early and Middle Proterozoic age in the Yukon, spanning ~1 Ga. Early and Middle Proterozoic time was dominated by a series of extensional-basin-forming events punctuated by orogenesis, magmatism, and hydrothermal activity. Basinal deposits include the Wernecke Supergroup (>1.71 Ga), Pinguicula Group (~1.38 Ga), and Mackenzie Mountains Supergroup (1.00-0.78 Ga). Igneous rocks include the Bonnet Plume River Intrusions (1.71 Ga), Slab volcanics (>=1.6 Ga), Hart River sills and volcanics (1.38 Ga), and Bear River (Mackenzie) dykes (1.27 Ga). A voluminous hydrothermal event generated the widespread Wernecke breccias at 1.60 Ga. The Racklan orogeny deformed the Wernecke Supergroup prior to emplacement of the Wernecke Breccia. The Corn Creek orogeny deformed Mackenzie Mountains Supergroup and older rocks prior to deposition of the Windermere Supergroup (<0.78 Ga). Long intervals with scanty rock records extended for as much as 300 Ma and appear to represent periods of crustal stability and subaerial conditions. By the time of Windermere rifting (<0.78 Ga), the supracrust of northwestern Laurentia was a mature, largely denuded orogenic belt with a composite sedimentary-metamorphic-igneous character. New isotopic data include Nd depleted mantle model ages for the Wernecke Supergroup (2.28-2.69 Ga) and Wernecke Breccia (2.36-2.96 Ga), a U-Pb zircon age for a Hart River sill 1381.9 +5.3/-3.7 (Ma), detrital U-Pb zircon ages from the basal Pinguicula Group (1841-3078 Ma), detrital muscovite ages from the Mackenzie Mountains Supergroup (1037-2473 Ma), and muscovite 40Ar/39Ar cooling ages from the Wernecke Supergroup (788 ± 8 and 980 ± 4 Ma).

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