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TitleProvenance and chemical stratigraphy of the sedimentary rocks of the Miramichi, Tetagouche, California Lake, and Fournier Groups, northern New Brunswick
AuthorRogers, N; van Staal, C RORCID logo; Winchester, J A; Fyffe, L R
SourceMassive sulfide deposits of the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, and northern Maine; by Goodfellow, W D (ed.); McCutcheon, S R (ed.); Peter, J MORCID logo (ed.); Economic Geology Monograph 11, 2003 p. 111-128
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2004073
PublisherSociety of Economic Geologists (Littleton, CO, US)
File formatdoc
ProvinceNew Brunswick
NTS21O/01; 21O/02; 21O/07; 21O/08; 21O/09; 21O/10; 21P/04; 21P/05; 21P/12
Lat/Long WENS-66.6333 -65.5000 47.7500 47.0000
Subjectssedimentology; stratigraphy; geochemistry; provenance; source areas; source rocks; tectonic evolution; sedimentary rocks; shales; siltstones; sandstones; metasedimentary rocks; volcanic rocks; ultramafic rocks; felsic rocks; mafic rocks; granodiorites; continental crust; obduction; chromium; nickel; vanadium; zirconium; yttrium; niobium; titanium; manganese; oceanic crust; ophiolites; clastics; basins; geochemical analyses; x-ray fluorescence analyses; petrography; Arenigian; Bathurst Mining Camp; Fournier Group; California Lake Group; Tetagouche Group; Little River Formation; Flat Landing Brook Formation; Nepisiguit Falls Formation; Clearwater Stream Formation; Miramichi Group; Patrick Brook Formation; Knights Brook Formation; Chain of Rocks Formation; Avalonian rocks; Tetagouche-Exploits back-arc basin; Vallée Lourdes Member; Charlotte Brook Member; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian
Illustrationsgeological sketch maps; tables; stratigraphic correlations; photographs; plots; graphs; diagrams
ProgramCanada-New Brunswick Exploration Science and Technology (EXTECH II) Initiative, 1994-1999
Released2003 01 01

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