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TitleEconomic natural resource deposits at terrestrial impact structures
AuthorGrieve, R A F
SourceMineral deposits and Earth evolution; by McDonald, I (ed.); Boyce, A J (ed.); Butler, I B (ed.); Herrington, R J (ed.); Polya, D A (ed.); Geological Society, Special Publication 248, 2005 p. 1-29
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2004024
PublisherGeological Society of London (London, UK)
Subjectseconomic geology; structural geology; mineralogy; geophysics; hydrogeology; meteorite craters; morphology; circular structures; metamorphism, shock; syngenetic deposits; epigenetic deposits; brecciation; structural features; displacement; hydrothermal systems; sedimentation; placer deposits; fluid flow; building stones; silica; iron; uranium; gold; diamond; copper; nickel; lead; zinc; pyrite; zeolites; agate; bentonite; evaporites; oil shales; diatomite; lignite; amber; oil; gas; mineral water, commodity; groundwater; progenetic deposits; phase transition; crustal melting; chemical sedimentation; biochemical sedimentation; impact diamonds; platinum group elements; PGEs; glass; placer diamonds; tektites; calcium phosphate; natural gas; freshwater; central uplift area; annular trough
Illustrationscross-sections; photographs; 3-D diagrams; plots; photomicrographs; tables; geological sketch maps; stratigraphic columns; bar graphs; topographic maps

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