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TitleIce mass balance and Antarctic gravity change: satellite and terrestrial perspectives
AuthorIvins, E R; Rignot, E; Wu, X; James, T S; Casassa, G
SourceEarth observation with CHAMP: results from three years in orbit; by Reigber, C (ed.); Lühr, H (ed.); Schwintzer, P (ed.); Wickert, J (ed.); 2005 p. 3-12
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2003245
PublisherSpringer (Berlin/Heidelberg/New York)
Subjectsgeophysics; Nature and Environment; sea level changes; ice; gravity; geodesy; satellites; CHAMP; GRACE; cryosphere; geoid
Illustrationsequations; graphs; tables; maps; location maps
Recent advances in the spatial and temporal retrieval of land-based cryospheric change information south of 42.5° allow fairly robust construction of forward model predictions of the time-rate of change in gravity. A map-view prediction is presented for the time-rate of change in geoid, dN/dt that might be retrieved from the currently orbiting gravity space craft, CHAMP (Challenging Mini-Satellite Payload for Geophysical Research and Application) and/or GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment). Complementary computation of the surface gravity change, d?g/dt, is also presented. The latter can be recovered from terrestrial absolute gravity measurements. Also, the computed rate of change Stokes coefficients for degree and order l, m 1-12 may be used as reliable estimates of the Southern Hemisphere cryospheric change contribution to the global low-degree harmonic variability recorded in multidecadal satellite laser ranging (SLR) data sets.