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TitleSea level change: introduction
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LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorClague, J J
SourcePaleoseismology and seismic hazards, southwestern British Columbia; by Clague, J J (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 494, 1996 p. 15-16, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Clague, J J; (1996). Paleoseismology and seismic hazards, southwestern British Columbia, Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin no. 494
File formatpdf
ProvinceBritish Columbia; Western offshore region
NTS82; 102I; 102P
AreaVancouver Island; Washington State; Canada; United States of America
Lat/Long WENS-130.0000 -120.0000 52.0000 48.0000
Subjectsgeophysics; marine geology; seismicity; seismic risk; seismic zones; earthquake risk; earthquake studies; earthquakes; sea level fluctuations; sea level changes; isostasy; eustatic submergence; Cascadia subduction zone; Juan de Fuca plate; North American plate; Quaternary
Illustrationsphotographs; sketch maps; diagrams
Released1997 01 01

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