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TitleRegional hydrogeochemistry of the carbonate rock aquifer, southern Manitoba
AuthorGrasby, S; Betcher, R
SourceCanadian Journal of Earth Sciences 39, 7, 2002 p. 1053-1063, (Open Access)
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2001206
PublisherCanadian Science Publishing
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
NTS52E/03; 52E/04; 52E/05; 52E/06; 52E/11; 52E/12; 52E/13; 52E/14; 52L/03; 52L/04; 52L/05; 52L/06; 52L/11; 52L/12; 52L/13; 52L/14; 52M/03; 52M/04; 52M/05; 52M/06; 52M/11; 52M/12; 52M/13; 52M/14; 53D/03; 53D/04; 53D/05; 53D/06; 53D/11; 53D/12; 53D/13; 53D/14; 53E/03; 53E/04; 53E/05; 53E/06; 53E/11; 53E/12; 53E/13; 53E/14; 53L/03; 53L/04; 53L/05; 53L/06; 53L/11; 53L/12; 53L/13; 53L/14; 62F/01; 62F/02; 62F/07; 62F/08; 62F/09; 62F/10; 62F/15; 62F/16; 62G; 62H; 62I; 62J; 62K/01; 62K/02; 62K/07; 62K/08; 62K/09; 62K/10; 62K/15; 62K/16; 62N/01; 62N/02; 62N/07; 62N/08; 62N/09; 62N/10; 62N/15; 62N/16; 62O; 62P; 63A; 63B; 63C; 63F; 63G; 63H; 63I; 63J; 63K
AreaSouthern Manitoba
Lat/Long WENS-102.0000 -95.0000 55.0000 49.0000
Subjectshydrogeology; hydrogeochemistry; sedimentary rocks; carbonates; bedrock aquifers; stable isotope studies; geochemical surveys; salt water; brine; hydrostratigraphic units; flow regimes; Williston Basin; Devonian; Ordovician; Paleozoic
Illustrationssketch maps; plots; graphs; stratigraphic sections