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TitleGeology, Bathurst mining camp and surrounding areas, New Brunswick
Authorvan Staal, C R; Wilson, R A; Rogers, N; Fyffe, L R; Gower, S J; Langton, J P; McCutcheon, S R; Walker, J A
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 4182, 2002, 1 sheet; 1 CD-ROM,
Documentopen file
Maps1 map
Map Info.geological, bedrock geology, 1:100,000
Mediapaper; on-line; CD-ROM; digital
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ProvinceNew Brunswick
NTS21O/01; 21O/02; 21O/07; 21O/08; 21O/09; 21O/10; 21P/04; 21P/05; 21P/12
Lat/Long WENS-66.6333 -65.5000 47.7500 47.0000
Subjectsregional geology; structural geology; stratigraphy; bedrock geology; structural features; faults; unconformities; faults, thrust; igneous rocks; sedimentary rocks; Dalhousie Group; Big Hole Brook Formation; Synnyside Formation; Archibald Settlement Formation; Jacquet River Formation; Mitchell Settlement Formation; Greys Gulch Formation; Budworm City Formation; Free Grant Formation; Chaleurs Group; Laplante Formation; Benjamin Formation; Bryant Point Formation; South Charlo Formation; Simpsons Field Formation; La Vieille Formation; Upsalquitch Formation; Weir Formation; Kingsclear Group; Hayes Brook Formation; Belledune River Melange; Fournier Group; Elmtree Formation; Millstream Formation; Sormany Formation; California Lake Group; Boucher Brook Formation; Canoe Landing Lake Formation; Spruce Lake Formation; Mount Brittain Formation; Tetagouche Group; Tomogonops Formation; Little River Formation; Flat Landing Brook Formation; Nepisiguit Falls Formation; Sheephouse Brook Group; Slacks Lake Formation; Sevolgle River Formation; Clearwater Stream Formation; Miramichi Group; Patrick Brook Formation; Knights Brook Formation; Chain of Rocks Formation; massive sulphide deposits; Paleozoic; Carboniferous; Devonian; Silurian; Ordovician; Cambrian; Proterozoic
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources And Energy, Mines Division
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy, Geological Surveys Branch-North
New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy, Geological Surveys Branch-South
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Calgary (Earth Sciences)
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
Natural Resources Canada library - Vancouver (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Québec (Earth Sciences)
ProgramBathurst Mining Camp, Canada-New Brunswick Exploration Science and Technology (EXTECH II) Initiative, 1994-1999
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Released2002 01 01; 2008 06 01; 2008 06 02