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TitleUranium map (eU), Hara Lake, Saskatchewan, NTS 64M/1 / Carte de l'uranium (éU), Hara Lake, Saskatchewan, SNRC 64M/1
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorCarson, J M; Holman, P B; Shives, R B K; Ford, K L; Harper, C T; Slimmon, W
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 3951_3, 2001, 1 sheet, Open Access logo Open Access
LinksCanadian Database of Geochemical Surveys, downloadable files
LinksBanque de données de levés géochimiques du Canada, fichiers téléchargeables
Alt SeriesSaskatchewan Energy and Mines, Open File Report 2001-2
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Documentopen file
Lang.English; French
Maps1 map
Map Info.geophysical, airborne gamma-ray spectrometric, 1:50,000
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is related to Carson, J M; Holman, P B; Shives, R B K; Ford, K L; Harper, C T; Slimmon, W; (2001). Airborne geophysical survey, Phelps Lake, Saskatchewan, NTS 64M, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 3950
File formatpdf; JPEG2000
AreaHara Lake
Lat/Long WENS-102.5000 -102.0000 59.2500 59.0000
Subjectsgeophysics; geophysical surveys; gamma-ray surveying; gamma-ray surveys, airborne; gamma-ray spectrometers; uranium
ProgramTargeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI-1), 2000-2003
Released2001 05 16

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