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TitleHydraulic characterisation of fractured aquifers of St. Lawrence Lowlands in southwestern Quebec
AuthorNastev, M; Lapcevic, P; Girard, F; Étienne, M; Voralec, J; Savard, M M
SourceProceedings: Geotechnical Engineering at the Dawn of the 3rd Millennium/Comptes rendus: La Géotechnique à l'Abue du 3e Millénaire; by Anonymous; 2000 p. 33 - 39
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 2000045
PublisherGroupe Géotechnique de Montréal, Société Canadienne de Géotechnique (Montréal, CA)
Meeting1st Joint International Association of Hydrogeologists Canadian National Chapter (IAH-CNG) and The Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) Groundwater Specialty Conference / 1re conférence conjointe Section canadienne de l'Association Internationale des Hydrogeolgues (AIH-CNG) et la Société canadienne de Géotechnique (SCG) sur l'eau souterraine; Montreal, Quebec; CA; October 15-18, 2000
NTS31G/09; 31G/10; 31G/15; 31G/16; 31H/12; 31H/13; 31H/14
AreaArgenteuil Regional Municiplity; Deux-Montagnes Regional Municipality; Mirabel Regional Municipality; Thérèse-de-Blainville Regional Municipality; St Vincent; Fromagerie
Lat/Long WENS -74.0000 -73.0000 46.0000 45.0000
Subjectsengineering geology; environmental geology; hydrogeology; groundwater resources; groundwater flow; groundwater regimes; aquifer tests; test holes; transmissivity; hydraulic head; Covey Hill Formation; Cairnside Formation; Thérèsa Formation; Beauhamois Formation; Potsdam Group; Beekermantown Group; Chazy Group; Balck River Group; Trenton Group; PE-2; R-3; RIA-99; R-15; R2-70; R-14; R-13; P-9; Paleozoic; Precambrian
Illustrationssketch maps; schematic diagrams; tables; profiles; plots