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TitleSelected geoscience data from the Slave Province NATMAP project, District of Mackenzie, Northwest Territories, Volume II
AuthorWilkinson, L; Slave Province NATMAP Geoscience Team
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Open File 3682, 1998; 1 CD-ROM,
Documentopen file
MediaCD-ROM; digital; on-line
File formatreadme / lisez-moi
File formatdoc (MS-Word 6); txt; E00 (GIS); dxf (GIS); xls (MS-Excel 2.1); htm; data viewer (ArcExplorer is included / est fourni)
ProvinceNorthwest Territories; Nunavut
NTS75N; 75M; 76C; 76D; 76E; 76L; 76M; 85O; 85P; 86A; 86B; 86H; 86I; 86O; 86P
Lat/Long WENS-116.0000 -108.0000 68.0000 63.0000
Subjectsgeochronology; geochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; structural geology; stratigraphy; bedrock geology; tills; glacial deposits; till geochemistry; whole rock analyses; geochemical analyses; mineral occurrences; assays; pressure-temperature conditions; metamorphism; radiometric dates; Slave Province; indicator minerals; Precambrian
Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (Yellowknife)
Natural Resources Canada Library - Ottawa (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Calgary (Earth Sciences)
Natural Resources Canada library - Vancouver (Earth Sciences)
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
ProgramSlave Province NATMAP Project
LinksCanadian Database of Geochemical Surveys, downloadable files
LinksBanque de données de levés géochimiques du Canada, fichiers téléchargeables
Released1998 11 01
AbstractTraditionally, geoscience data is stored in analog format, however, with the advent of easy to use GIS software, more and more data is now generated and stored in digital format. This allows for easier archiving of the data and for easier sharing of information, a key factor with fewer resources available to both public and private sectors. A large component of all NATMAP (National Mapping Programme) projects is the compilation of a digital database of geoscience data, and the release of this data to the public as quickly as possible. The goal of the "Selected Geoscience Data from the Slave NATMAP Project, District of Mackenzie, Northwest Territories - Volume II" CD-ROM release is thus to provide second installment of digital Slave NATMAP data, building on the previous release of Bowie (1995). Data is provided in standard, easy to use formats that allow both novice and expert GIS users to quickly extract and use the information they need. The data contained on this CD-ROM incorporates Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), Resource, Wildlife and Economic Development (RWED) of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (DIAND) geoscience data compiled and re-formatted under the auspices of the Slave NATMAP project. Each data set on the CD-ROM is an independent Open File (GSC) or EGS- series (GNWT or DIAND) data set published by the authors noted in the user guide and metadata files. In all cases, the digital data presented on this CD-ROM are also available in analog format from the appropriate agency. Detailed information and references for each data set are provided on the CD-ROM. The data are provided in Arc/Info and common interchange formats (DXF and Arc/Info E00, DBF, Microsoft Excel) in a standard UTM zone 12, NAD 27 projection. ArcExplorer is provided on the CD-ROM as a data viewer for PC-clients (see for more information). The CD-ROM conforms to the ISO-9660 system-independent standard and works identically on a PC, Macintosh or UNIX workstation, however, no viewer is provided for Macintosh or UNIX users. Data sets provided include bedrock geology, surficial geology, whole rock geochemistry, indicator minerals, till geochemistry, P-T data, geochronology, mineral occurrence and assay data.