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TitleAnalyse hydrologique pour l'évaluation de la recharge en eau souterraine dans le bassin versant de la rivière Portneuf sur le piémont laurentien, Québec
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AuthorParadis, DORCID logo; Lefebvre, R; Michaud, Y
SourceCurrent Research 1997-E/Recherches en cours 1997-E; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research 1997-E, 1997 p. 83-88, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Current Research 1997-E
File formatpdf
NTS21L/12NW; 21L/12NE
AreaRivière Portneuf; St. Lawrence River
Lat/Long WENS-72.0000 -71.5000 46.7500 46.6667
Subjectshydrogeology; drainage systems; groundwater; groundwater resources; recharge rates; hydrologic environment
Illustrationssketch maps; analyses
Released1997 07 01
AbstractAn assessment of groundwater recharge is performed for the Portneuf Regional County Municipality, as part of a regional hydrogeological mapping project. This assessment is based on the compilation of meteorological and hydrometric data for the period from 1973 to 1992. These data are interpreted by hydrological modelling. The CEQUEAU hydrological balance matrix model is applied to the Portneuf River drainage basin. The average groundwater recharge calculated for the entire drainage basin is 299 mm/year for average precipitation of 1174 mm/year.

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