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TitleMineral and hydrocarbon potential
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AuthorNorris, D K; Hughes, O L
SourceThe geology, mineral and hydrocarbon potential of northern Yukon Territory and northwestern District of Mackenzie; by Norris, D K (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 422, 1997 p. 369-396, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Norris, D K; (1997). The geology, mineral and hydrocarbon potential of northern Yukon Territory and northwestern District of Mackenzie, Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin no. 422
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ProvinceYukon; Northwest Territories; Northern offshore region
NTS106E; 106F; 106G; 106H; 106I; 106J; 106K; 106L; 106M; 106N; 106O; 106P; 107; 116G; 116H; 116I; 116J; 116O; 116P; 116F/01; 116F/02; 116F/07; 116F/08; 116F/09; 116F/10; 116F/15; 116F/16; 116K/01; 116K/02; 116K/07; 116K/08; 116K/09; 116K/10; 116K/15; 116K/16; 116N/01; 116N/02; 116N/07; 116N/08; 116N/09; 116N/10; 116N/15; 116N/16; 117A; 117B/01; 117B/08; 117B/09; 117B/16; 117C/01; 117C/08; 117C/09; 117C/16; 117D; 117E; 117G/01; 117G/08; 117G/09; 117G/16; 117H
AreaBeaufort Sea; Mackenzie Delta; Yukon Coastal Lowland; Eagle Plain; Northern Interior Platform; Mackenzie Platform
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -128.0000 71.0000 65.0000
Subjectseconomic geology; metallic minerals; structural geology; fossil fuels; mineral potential; hydrocarbon potential; hydrocarbons; coal; iron; uranium; lead; zinc; oil; gas; gold; aggregates; gypsum; continental shelf; structural controls; structural features; source rocks; Pleistocene; Pliocene; Miocene; Oligocene; Eocene; Paleocene; Mackenzie Fold Belt; Richardson Anticlinorium; Taiga-Nahoni Fold Belt; Aklavik Arch Complex; Rapid Depression; Barn Uplift; Romanzof Uplift; Old Crow-Babbage Depression; Bonnet Plume Basin; Eagle Fold Belt; Tertiary; Cretaceous; Jurassic; Devonian
Illustrationssketch maps
Released1997 04 01
AbstractA wide variety of nonrenewable commodities of economic interest to mining and oil companies occurs in northern Yukon Territory and western District of Mackenzie. They range from coal, iron, uranium, lead and zinc in the mountainous southern part of the area, to oil and gas in the Eagle Plain, placer gold in the Yukon Coastal Lowland, construction materials in the Northern Interior Platform, and oil and gas in the Mackenzie Delta and the continental shelf of southern Beaufort Sea. Of singular importance are the enormous tonnages of phosphatic iron in the northwestern Mackenzie Mountains, the very large tonnages of subbituminous to high volatile bituminous coal nearby in the Bonnet Plume Basin, and the numerous discoveries of oil and gas on the continental shelf. Although the resource potential of many of these commodities is reasonably well known, only the construction materials have been exploited commercially. The region remains a storehouse of economic minerals and hydrocarbons for Canada's future.