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TitleImplications of granitoid geochemical and isotopic (Nd, O, Pb) data from the Cambrian-Ordovician Notre Dame arc for the evolution of the Central Mobile Belt, Newfoundland Appalachians
AuthorWhalen, J B; Jenner, G A; Longstaffe, F J; Gariépy, C
SourceThe nature of magmatism in the Appalachian Orogen; by Sinha, A K (ed.); Whalen, J B (ed.); Hogan, J P (ed.); Geological Society of America, Memoir 191, 1997 p. 367-395,
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 54994
PublisherGeological Society of America
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in The nature of magmatism in the Appalachian Orogen
File formatpdf
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador
NTS1M/NW; 2D/SW; 2D/NW; 22G/SW; 2G/NW; 11O/NW; 11O/NE; 11P/NE; 11P/NW; 12A; 12B; 12G; 12H
Lat/Long WENS-60.0000 -55.0000 50.0000 47.5000
Subjectstectonics; geochemistry; general geology; plutonic rocks; volcanic rocks; intrusive rocks; isotopic studies; oxygen isotopes; lead isotope ratios; tectonic setting; trace element geochemistry; major element geochemistry; Notre Dame Arc; Dunnage Zone; Central Mobile Beld; Humber Zone; Ordovician; Cambrian
Illustrationstables; graphs; plots; ternary diagrams

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