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TitleIntraoceanic tectonics and the development of continental crust: 1.92-1.84 Ga evolution of the Flin Flon Belt, Canada
AuthorLucas, S B; Stern, R A; Syme, E C; Reilly, B A; Thomas, D J
SourceGeological Society of America Bulletin vol. 108, no. 5, 1996 p. 602-629,<0602:itatdo>;2
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 15794
Alt SeriesLithoprobe Publication 692
PublisherGeological Society of America
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceManitoba; Saskatchewan
NTS63K/12; 63K/13; 63L/09; 63L/16
AreaFlin Flon; Amisk Lake
Lat/Long WENS-102.5000 -101.5000 55.0000 54.5000
Subjectsgeochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; tectonics; geochronology; tectonostratigraphic zones; tectonic environments; tectonic interpretations; continental crust; oceanic crust; tectonic environments; tectonic setting; lithology; volcanic rocks; volcaniclastics; igneous rocks; depositional environment; mafic volcanic rocks; felsic volcanic rocks; uranium lead dates; zircon dates; radiometric dates; whole rock analyses; analyses; geochemical analyses; isotopes; magmatism; accretion; shear zones; structural features; andesites; basalts; rhyolites; sills; plutonic rocks; granodiorites; tonalites; pegmatites; Flin Flon Belt; Amisk Collage; Trans-Hudson Orogen; neodymium isotopic ratios; strontium isotopic ratios; Precambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationssketch maps; photographs; analyses
ProgramCanada-Manitoba Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development, 1990-1995
ProgramCanada-Saskatchewan Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development, 1990-1995
ProgramShield Margin NATMAP Project