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TitleChemistry of fresh and weathered resinites - an infrared photoacoustic spectroscopic study
AuthorGoodarzi, F; McFarlane, R A
SourceInternational Journal of Coal Geology vol. 19, issue 1-4, 1991 p. 283-301,
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 58690
PublisherElsevier BV
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceYukon; Nunavut; British Columbia; Alberta
AreaAxel Heiberg Island; Hat Creek; Tulameen; Quesnel; Taver; Tintina; Fossil Forest; Victoria; Australia
Subjectsfossil fuels; general geology; spectroscopic analyses; resinite; chemical analyses; weathering rates; weathering; depositional environment
Illustrationslocation maps; tables; graphs
AbstractPhotoacoustic infrared spectroscopy has been used to examine the chemical structures of resinites collected from coals of western Canada, Arctic Canada and Australia. Variations in the chemical structure of the resinites were examined from the point of view of location of the resinite within the coal-bearing strata and coal-bearing section and the effect of rank and age. The effects of weathering were analyzed in terms of the structures determined by infrared spectroscopy of the more weathered exterior surface as compared to the less weathered, unexposed interior surface. The molecular structure of the less weathered interior surfaces was found to be rather similar for resinites of similar rank. The exterior weathered surfaces were usually quite different and these differences were related to rank and the degree of weathering influenced by the depositional environment.

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