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TitleEarthquakes in the Vancouver area
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AuthorRogers, G C
SourceGeology and geological hazards of the Vancouver region, southwestern British Columbia; by Monger, J W H (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 481, 1994 p. 221-229; 1 CD-ROM, (Open Access)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; CD-ROM; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Monger, J W H; (1994). Geology and geological hazards of the Vancouver region, southwestern British Columbia, Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin no. 481
File formatpdf
ProvinceBritish Columbia; Western offshore region
NTS92B; 92C; 92E/01; 92E/08; 92E/09; 92E/16; 92F; 92G
AreaVancouver; Vancouver Island; Washington; United States of America; Canada
Lat/Long WENS-126.5000 -122.0000 50.0000 47.0000
Subjectstectonics; geophysics; earthquake foci; earthquake magnitudes; earthquake studies; earthquakes; continental crust; oceanic crust; subduction zones; seismic risk; seismic zones; Quaternary
Illustrationssketch maps
Released1995 02 01
AbstractVancouver and the densely populated Lower Mainland region of southwest British Columbia are situated over an active subduction zone. The dynamic geological setting makes this region subject to frequent seismic activity and contributes to a higher risk of large damaging earthquakes than in other parts of Canada. Earthquakes that may present a hazard to the area are located in three distinct source regions: earthquakes within the continental crust, deeper earthquakes within the subducted oceanic plate, and earthquakes on the subduction boundary between the lithospheric plates. While Vancouver (incorporated 1886) has not experienced a damaging earthquake in its short history, large earthquakes nearby have been strongly felt and there is paleoseismic evidence for very strong shaking in prehistoric time. Most of the region is placed in Seismic Zone 4 in the 1990 edition of the National Building Code of Canada. Ongoing microearthquake activity and felt earthquakes occurring in most years are reminders of the seismic hazard.