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TitleGranite-greenstone terranes of the northern Goudalie domain, northeastern Superior Province, Quebec
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AuthorPercival, J A; Skulski, TORCID logo; Lin, S; Card, K D
SourceCanadian Shield/Bouclier canadien; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research no. 1995-C, 1995 p. 141-150, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Lang.English; French
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
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NTS34J/14; 34J/15; 34J/16; 34O/01; 34O/02; 34O/03; 34O/06; 34O/07; 34O/08; 34O/09; 34O/10; 34O/11; 34O/14; 34O/15; 34O/16
AreaLake Payne; Lake Qallaviartuuq
Lat/Long WENS-75.5000 -74.0000 60.0000 58.5000
Subjectsigneous and metamorphic petrology; terranes; plutonic rocks; volcanic rocks; granites; igneous rocks; lithology; metavolcanic rocks; schists; metamorphic rocks; granulite facies; metamorphism; gneisses; magnetic anomalies; Goudalie Domain; Superior Province; Minto Block; Precambrian
Illustrationssketch maps; photographs
Released1995 01 01
AbstractReconnaissance-scale mapping of the Goudalie domain in an area up to 200 km north of the Vizien belt shows that the northwest-trending negative aeromagnetic anomaly corresponds to granite- greenstone terrane. The 110-km long, <1 km wide, Kogaluc-Tasiat belt of sheared, amphibolite-facies, mafic metavolcanic rocks, biotite schist, and iron-formation, is bordered to the east and west by 15-20 km wide zones of similar lithologies at granulite facies forming screens in pyroxene-bearing granodiorite and granite. The eastern zone of high-grade supracrustals extends north into the Payne Lake belt of paragneiss, mafic gneiss, and iron-formation, with concordant sheets of granitoid rock, cut locally by Archean dykes. To the east, the Qalluviartuuq belt of sheared, amphibolite-facies mafic metavolcanic schist, biotite schist, and conglomerate is locally unconformable on tonalitic basement. Favourable environments for VMS and shear-zone-hosted gold mineralization may be present.

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