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TitleRocks and minerals for the collector, northeastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, and Prince Edward Island
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorSabina, A P
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Miscellaneous Report 51, 1994, 91 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is a translation of Roches et minéraux du collectionneur, nord-est de la Nouvelle-Écosse, Ile du Cap-Breton et Ile-du-Prince-Édouard
RelatedThis publication supercedes Rocks and minerals for the Collector: northeastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, and Prince Edward Island
File formatpdf
ProvinceNova Scotia; Prince Edward Island
NTS11D/11; 11D/12; 11D/13; 11D/14; 11D/15; 11D/16; 11E; 11F/03; 11F/04; 11F/05; 11F/06; 11F/09; 11F/10; 11F/11; 11F/12; 11F/14; 11F/15; 11F/16; 11K/01; 11K/02; 11K/03; 11K/06; 11K/07; 11K/08; 11K/09; 11K/10; 11K/15; 11K/16; 11L/03; 11L/05; 11L/06; 11L/12; 21I/09; 21I/16; 21I/01; 21I/02; 21H/01; 21H/02; 21H/05; 21H/06; 21H/07; 21H/08; 21H/09; 21H/10; 21H/11; 21H/15; 21H/16; 21G/01; 21G/02; 21G/03; 21G/06; 21G/07; 21G/08; 11G/13; 11J/04; 20O/16; 20P/11; 20P/12; 20P/13; 20P/14; 20P/15; 20P/16; 21A; 21B/01; 21B/08; 21B/09
AreaHalifax; Antigonish; Port Hastings; Sydney; Cabot Trail; Cape Breton Island; New Glasgow; Amherst; Alberton; Kensington; Charlottetown; Dartmouth
Lat/Long WENS-67.5000 -59.5000 47.0000 43.5000
Subjectsmetallic minerals; industrial minerals; minerals; mines; fossils; specularite; siderite; arsenopyrite; andalusite; hematite; barite; celestine; agalmatolite; diatomite; limestones; gypsum; fossil plants; mineralization; galena; sulphides; gold; tungsten; copper; quarries; Quaternary; Triassic; Permian; Carboniferous; Pennsylvanian; Ordovician; Mississippian; Devonian; Silurian; Cambrian; Proterozoic
Illustrationssketch maps; photographs
Released1994 11 01; 2014 03 28
AbstractOccurrences of minerals, rocks, and fossils are described from seventy-five easily accessible localities in northeastern Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. A few rocks and minerals are suitable for ornamental purposes, but the majority of the deposits furnish specimen material only. In the area between Dartmouth and the Strait of Canso, there are numerous old gold mines and a few copper, lead, tungsten, and iron mines. Good specimens of specularite, siderite, arsenopyrite, and andalusite can be collected. In the Antigonish-Amherst region, attractive specimens of copper-bearing plant fossils are found in old copper mines. Other deposits include hematite, barite, celestine, agalmatolite, diatomite, and limestone. In Cape Breton, there are numerous deposits of gypsum and limestone, including crystalline and shell limestones. Metallic-mineral specimens can be obtained from old lead, zinc, copper, and bismuth mines. Attractive barite-fluorite specimens are found in old mines near Lake Ainslie. Two ornamental-type rocks suitable for the lapidary are described: Mainadieu felsite breccia and Scotch Lake serpentine-bearing crystalline limestone. Shoreline exposures of sedimentary rocks in Prince Edward Island provide specimens of mineralized fossil plant remains. Good specimens of barite, crystalline quartz, and hematite are found at a locality near Charlottetown, and an uncommon copper mineral - paratacamite - occurs near Summerside.

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