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TitleA field guide to the glacial and postglacial landscape of southeastern Ontario and part of Quebec
AuthorGilbert, R
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 453, 1994, 80 pages, (Open Access)
LinksOak Ridges Moraine web site
LinksMoraine d'Oak Ridges, site web
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is a translation of Gilbert, R; (1994). Guide d'excursions dans le paysage glaciaire et postglaciaire du sud-est de l'Ontario et d'une partie du Québec, Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin no. 453
File formatpdf
ProvinceOntario; Quebec
NTS30L/12; 30L/13; 30M/03; 30M/04; 30M/05; 30M/06; 30M/12; 30M/13; 30M/14; 30M/15; 31B/05; 31B/12; 31B/13; 31B/14; 31C; 31D; 31E; 31F; 31G; 31J; 31K; 31L; 40I/15; 40I/16; 40P/01; 40P/02; 40P/07; 40P/08; 40P/09; 40P/10; 40P/15; 40P/16; 41A/01; 41A/02; 41A/07; 41A/08; 41A/09; 41A/10; 41A/15; 41A/16; 41H/01; 41H/02; 41H/07; 41H/08; 41H/09; 41H/10; 41H/15; 41H/16; 41I/01; 41I/02; 41I/07; 41I/08; 41I/09; 41I/10; 41I/15; 41I/16
AreaOttawa; Kemptville; Lanark; Kingston; Belleville; Cobourg; Lake Ontario; Brighton; Peterborough
Lat/Long WENS -81.0000 -74.0000 47.0000 42.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; environmental geology; glaciation; deglaciation; ice scours; moraines; glacial deposits; lacustrine deposits; peat; marls; eskers; landforms; fluvial deposits; depositional environment; erosion; glaciomarine deposits; drumlins; Holocene; Pleistocene; environmental impacts; environmental analysis; Oak Ridges Moraine; Quaternary
Illustrationsaerial photographs; sketch maps; cross-sections; photographs; analyses
ProgramOak Ridges Moraine NATMAP Project
Released1994 10 01; 2014 01 15
AbstractTwenty sites between Peterborough, Lake Ontario, and the Ottawa Valley are described in this guide. Set in context by a general introduction to the geomorphic history of the region, they illustrate landscapes created by processes of glacial erosion and deposition during the Pleistocene, and by events that have occurred in the period of about 12 000 years since deglaciation. Sites especially near Lake Ontario also deal with the impact of human activity on the environment. The descriptions are intended for a nonspecialist audience, and directions are provided for road travel to each site.