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TitleChapitre 11: Géologie de la Plate-forme du Saint-Laurent
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AuthorSanford, B V; Cowan, W R; Currie, K L
SourceLa couverture sédimentaire du craton au Canada; by Stott, D F (ed.); Aitken, J D (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 5, 1993 p. 793-860, (Open Access)
Alt SeriesGeological Society of America, Geology of North America Series D-1
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Stott, D F; Aitken, J D; (1993). La couverture sédimentaire du craton au Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 5
File formatpdf
ProvinceOntario; Quebec; Newfoundland and Labrador
NTS52A; 42D; 42C; 41N; 41K; 41J; 41A; 41B; 41G; 41H; 41I; 31C; 31D; 31E; 31F; 40I; 40J; 40O; 40P; 30K; 30L; 30M; 30N; 31A; 31B; 31G; 31H; 31I; 21E; 21L; 21M; 21N; 22C; 21O
AreaSt Lawrence Lowland; Allegheny Plateau; Blow Me Down Highlands; St John Highlands; Great Northern Highlands; Lake Erie; Lake Ontario; Lake Huron; St Lawrence River; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Labrador
Lat/Long WENS -90.0000 -64.0000 49.0000 42.0000
Subjectsstratigraphy; surficial geology/geomorphology; paleontology; tectonic setting; tectonic evolution; tectonic interpretations; stratigraphic correlations; stratigraphic analyses; lithostratigraphy; depositional cycles; Hadrynian; invertebrates; biostratigraphy; fossils; limestones; dolostones; sandstones; shales; sedimentary rocks; lithology; basins; basin evolution; lithofacies; facies; faults; folds; unconformities; structural interpretations; structural features; Wisconsinian Glacial Stage; glacial stages; Illinoian Glacial Stage; Sangamonian Interglacial Stage; interglacial stages; tills; deglaciation; glaciation; glacial deposits; glacial history; Conodonts; Brachiopoda; Ostracoda; Trilobita; Corals; Cephalopoda; Ottawa Embayment; Quebec Basin; St. Lawrence Trough; Anticosti Basin; Allegheny Basin; Michigan Basin; Champlain Sea; Quaternary; Cambrian; Ordovician; Silurian; Devonian
Illustrationsstratigraphic columns; sketch maps; photographs; cross-sections
Released1993 11 01