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TitleChapter 3: Geophysical and petrological characteristics of the basement rocks of the western Canada Basin
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AuthorBurwash, R A; Green, A G; Jessop, A M; Kanasewich, E R
SourceSedimentary Cover of the Craton in Canada; by Stott, D F (ed.); Aitken, J D (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 5, 1993 p. 57-77,
Alt SeriesGeological Society of America, Geology of North America Series vol. D-1
PublisherNatural Resources Canada
RelatedThis publication is contained in Stott, D F; Aitken, J D; (1993). Sedimentary cover of the craton in Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 5
ProvinceManitoba; Saskatchewan; Alberta; British Columbia; Northwest Territories; Nunavut
NTS62; 53K; 53L; 53M; 53N; 53E; 54; 55; 65; 64; 63; 72; 73; 74; 75; 82; 83; 84; 85; 95A; 95B; 95G; 95H; 95I; 95J; 95O; 95P; 96; 86; 76; 56
Lat/Long WENS-124.0000 -92.0000 68.0000 49.0000
Subjectstectonics; geophysics; geochronology; igneous and metamorphic petrology; bedrock geology; tectonic elements; gravity surveys; magnetic surveys; magnetic anomalies; gravity anomalies; bouguer anomalies; geophysical surveys; crustal thickness; seismic surveys; earthquake magnitudes; epicentres; earthquakes; heat flow; potassium argon dates; uranium lead dates; lead lead dates; rubidium strontium dates; radiometric dates; neodymium samarium dates; petrographic analyses; tectonostratigraphic zones; Western Canada Sedimentary Basin; Williston Basin; Superior Province; Churchill Province; Slave Province; Trans-Hudson Orogen; Proterozoic; Paleozoic
Illustrationssketch maps
Released1993 11 01