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TitlePermafrost and ground ice conditions of northwestern Canada / Conditions relatives au pergélisol et à la glace de sol du Nord-Ouest du Canada
AuthorHeginbottom, J A; Radburn, L K
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map 1691A, 1992, 2 sheets,
Lang.English; French
Maps1 map
Map Info.surficial geology, permafrost, 1:1,000,000
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf; JPEG2000
ProvinceYukon; Northwest Territories
NTS95J; 95K/01; 95K/02; 95K/07; 95K/08; 95K/09; 95K/10; 95K/15; 95K/16; 95N/01; 95N/02; 95N/07; 95N/08; 95N/09; 95N/10; 95N/15; 95N/16; 95O; 96B; 96C; 96D/01; 96D/02; 96D/07; 96D/08; 96D/09; 96D/10; 96D/15; 96D/16; 96E; 96F; 96G; 97C; 97D/02; 97D/03; 97D/04; 97D/05; 97D/06; 97D/07; 97D/10; 97D/11; 97D/12; 97D/13; 97D/14; 97D/15; 97E/02; 97E/03; 97E/04; 97E/05; 97E/06; 97E/07; 97F/01; 97F/02; 97F/03; 97F/04; 97F/05; 97F/06; 97F/07; 97F/08; 97F/11; 97F/12; 97F/13; 97F/14; 115M; 106D; 106G; 106H; 106I; 106J; 106K; 106L; 106M; 106N; 106O; 106P; 107B; 107C; 107D; 107E; 115A; 115B; 115C/01; 115C/02; 115C/07; 115C/08; 115C/09; 115C/10; 115C/15; 115C/16; 115F/01; 115F/02; 115F/07; 115F/08; 115F/09; 115F/10; 115F/15; 115F/16; 115G; 115K/01; 115K/02; 115K/07; 115K/08; 115K/09; 115K/10; 115K/15; 115K/16; 116A; 116B; 116C/01; 116C/02; 116C/07; 116C/08; 116C/09; 116C/10; 116C/15; 116C/16; 116G/01; 116G/02; 116G/07; 116G/08; 116G/09; 116G/10; 116G/15; 116G/16; 116H/03; 116H/04; 116H/05; 116H/06; 116H/11; 116H/12; 116H/13; 116H/14; 116I; 116J/01; 116J/02; 116J/07; 116J/08; 116J/09; 116J/10; 116J/15; 116J/16; 116N/01; 116N/02; 116N/07; 116N/08; 116N/09; 116N/10; 116N/15; 116N/16; 116O; 116P; 117A; 117B/01; 117B/08; 117B/09; 117B/16; 117C/01; 117C/08; 117C/09; 117C/16; 117D
AreaKluane National Park; Franklin Mountains; Wernecke Mountains; Ogilvie Mountains; Mackenzie Delta; Franklin Bay
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -121.0000 71.0000 62.0000
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -136.0000 63.0000 60.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; permafrost; ground ice; pingos; alluvial deposits; glaciofluvial deposits; colluvial deposits; glacial deposits; Quaternary
Released1992 09 01