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TitleSetting of stratiform, sediment-hosted lead-zinc deposits in Yukon and northeastern British Columbia
AuthorAbbott, J G; Gordey, S P; Tempelman-Kluit, D J
SourceMineral deposits of northern Cordillera; by Morin, J A (ed.); Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Special Volume 37, 1986 p. 1-18
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 55686
PublisherCanadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Geology Division (Montreal, QC, Canada)
MeetingMineral Deposits of Northern Cordillera Symposium; Whitehorse, Yukon; CA; December 5-7, 1983
ProvinceYukon; British Columbia
AreaMayo District; Dawson District; Whitehorse District; Watson Lake District
Subjectsigneous and metamorphic petrology; metallic minerals; industrial minerals; economic geology; sedimentology; structural geology; lead-zinc deposits; mineral deposits; stratigraphic correlations; miogeoclines; sedimentary rocks; lithology; depositional history; copper; tectonic history; depositional history; structural features; volcanic rocks; assays; metamorphic rocks; mineral exploration; barite; stratiform deposits; Cordillera; Selwyn Basin, Mack; Windermere Supergroup; Road River Formation; Earn Group; Belt Supergroup; Purcell Supergroup; Cambrian; Proterozoic; Paleozoic; Ordovician; Silurian; Devonian; Triassic; Carboniferous; Precambrian
Illustrationssketch maps; cross-sections; stratigraphic sections; stratigraphic correlations; stratigraphic charts
Released1986 01 01

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