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TitleNew U - Pb and 40 Ar - 39 Ar Age Determinations Fromnorthern Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, Northwest Territories and Their Tectonic Significance
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AuthorTrettin, H P; Parrish, R R; Roddick, J C
SourceRadiogenic Age and Isotopic Studies: Report 6; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 92-2, 1992 p. 3-30, Open Access logo Open Access
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Radiogenic Age and Isotopic Studies: Report 6
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NTS560D; 340F; 340C/NW; 340E; 120F
AreaRens Fiord; Henson Bay; Phillips Inlet; Cape Woods; Wootton Peninsula; Yelverton Inlet; Ayles Fiord; Cape Richards; M'clintock Inlet; Marvin Peninsula; Cape Columbia; Ellesmere Island; Axel Heiberg Island
Lat/Long WENS-96.0000 -68.0000 83.0000 81.0000
Subjectsgeochronology; zircon dates; uranium lead dates; argon argon dates; radiometric dates; lithology; plutonic rocks; granodiorites; igneous rocks; tectonic setting; tonalites; granitic rocks; pegmatites; metamorphic rocks; schists; M'clintock Orogeny; Pearya Terrane; Sverdrup Basin; Emma Fiord Formation; Franklinian Mobile Belt; Cape Columbia Belt; Deuchars Glacier Belt; Mitchell Point Belt; Peterson Bay Fault Zone; Cretaceous; Ordovician; Carboniferous; Devonian; Silurian
Illustrationssketch maps; Concordia diagrams; analyses
Released1993 01 01

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