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TitleArsenopyrite and Loellingite in the Fire Tower Zone Porphyry Tungsten - Molybdenum Deposit, Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick
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AuthorDurocher, K E; Sinclair, W D; Percival, J BORCID logo; Taylor, R P
SourceCurrent Research, Part E/Recherches En Cours, Partie E; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 92-1E, 1992 p. 373-380, Open Access logo Open Access
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Current research, part E
File formatpdf
ProvinceNew Brunswick
AreaMount Pleasant
Lat/Long WENS-67.0000 -66.5000 45.5000 45.2500
Subjectsgeochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; paragenesis; porphyry deposits; mineral deposits; tungsten; molybdenum; arsenopyrite; loellingite; sulphides; x-ray diffraction analyses; breccias; granites; plutonic rocks; igneous rocks; mineral assemblages; geothermometry; trace element analyses; analyses; geochemical analyses; arsenic geochemistry; iron geochemistry; cobalt geochemistry; nickel geochemistry; antimony geochemistry; sulphur geochemistry; Fire Tower Zone Deposit; Devonian; Silurian
Illustrationssketch maps; analyses; photomicrographs
Released1992 05 01

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