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TitleLate Quaternary Paleoceanography of the western Baffin Bay Region: Evidence From Fossil Diatoms
AuthorWilliams, K M
SourceCanadian Journal of Earth Sciences vol. 27, no. 11, 1990 p. 1487-1494,
PublisherCanadian Science Publishing
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
File formatpdf
ProvinceNorthern offshore region
NTS15 /NW; 15E; 15F; 16 /NW; 16 /SW; 25 /NE; 25 /SW; 25E; 25F; 25G; 25H; 26; 27; 28; 29A; 29B; 35 /NW; 35 /NE; 35E; 35F; 35G; 35H; 36; 37; 38; 39A; 39B; 45 /NW; 45 /NE; 45E; 45F; 45G; 45H; 46; 47; 48; 49A; 49B
AreaBaffin Bay; Hudson Strait; Lancaster Sound; Jones Sound; Smith Sound; Davis Strait; Cumberland Sound; Frobisher Bay
Lat/Long WENS -88.0000 -60.0000 77.0000 61.0000
Subjectspaleontology; surficial geology/geomorphology; sedimentology; paleogeography; oceanography; fossils; diatoms; cores; holocene; fossil zones; faunas; fossil assemblages; fossil distribution; oxygen isotopes; isotopes; radiocarbon dates; radiometric dates; ice; glacial history; glacial features; glaciers; glacial deposits; Quaternary; Cenozoic
Illustrationshistograms; tables; sketch maps
Released1990 11 01
AbstractSeven marine cores from the east coast of Baffin Island were examined for variations in diatom content. The cores have good age control and were used for Holocene paleoceanographic reconstruction. A diatom barren zone or a zone of much reduced diatom productivity is evident some time during the early to middle Holocene. This zone ends earlier in the southern area than farther north. The changes in diatom productivity may be caused by changing oceanographic variables such as sea ice extent and the presence of a meltwater cap during deglaciation. Light isotope 18O events ("meltwater spikes") generally coincide with barren or reduced productivity zones in the cores from the middle and southern part of the shelf and from Jones Sound, suggesting a general surficial cooling of the fjord and ocean water. If diatom productivity was depressed because of a meltwater cap over the core sites with increasing sea ice extent, the theory of a general "marine optimum" in all of Baffin Bay and Davis Strait from 8000 to 6000 BP may have to be modified.

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