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TitleChapitre 14: Obstacles Géologiques à La Mise En Valeur de la Marge Continentale
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LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorLewis, C F M; Keen, M J
SourceGéologie de la Marge Continentale de l'Est du Canada; by Keen, M J (ed.); Williams, G L (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 2, 1990 p. 797-883, (Open Access)
Alt SeriesGeological Society of America, Geology of North America Series I-01
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Keen, M J; Williams, G L; (1990). Géologie de la marge continentale de l'est du Canada, Geological Survey of Canada, Geology of Canada Series no. 2
File formatpdf
ProvinceEastern offshore region; Northern offshore region; Quebec; Nova Scotia; New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island; Newfoundland and Labrador
NTS1; 2; 3; 10; 20; 11; 12; 13I; 13J; 13O; 13P; 14; 15; 16; 21A; 21B; 21C; 21G; 21H; 21I; 21J; 21O; 21P; 22G; 22H; 24J; 24N; 24O; 25; 26A; 26G; 26H; 27; 28; 35; 36; 37A; 37B; 37C; 38; 39; 47A; 47B; 47G; 47H; 47C; 47D; 47E; 47F; 48
AreaBay Of Fundy; Gulf Of St. Lawrence; Grand Banks; Scotian Shelf
Lat/Long WENS-88.0000 -30.0000 76.0000 43.0000
Subjectssedimentology; stratigraphy; tectonics; fossil fuels; geophysics; surficial geology/geomorphology; continental margins; coastal studies; coastal environment; coastal management; shorelines; sea level changes; tides; tidal currents; beaches; landforms; littoral environment; ice; ice conditions; permafrost; gas; hydrate; hydrocarbons; structural features; drift deposits; erosion; sedimentation; icebergs; glacial deposits; scour marks; seismicity; continental crust; slope stability; bathymetry; pollution; Miramichi Bay; waves
Illustrationstables; charts; cross-sections; photographs; block diagrams; seismic profiles
Released1990 01 01

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