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TitleRegional Geological Setting of Selected Mineral Deposits of the northern Cordillera
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AuthorDawson, K M
SourceMineral Deposits of the northern Canadian Cordillera, Yukon - northeastern British Columbia [Field Trip 14]; by Abbott, J G (ed.); Turner, R J W (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 2169, 1991 p. 1-24, Open Access logo Open Access
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Meeting8th Iagod Symposium; Ottawa, Ontario; CA; August 12-18, 1990
Documentopen file
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Mineral Deposits of the northern Canadian Cordillera, Yukon - northeastern British Columbia [Field Trip 14]
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ProvinceBritish Columbia; Yukon
NTS82E; 82F; 82G; 82J; 82K; 82L; 82M; 82N; 83D; 83E; 92; 93; 94; 95C; 95D; 95E; 102; 103; 104; 105; 106C; 106D; 106E; 106F; 106K; 106L; 114; 115; 116; 117
Lat/Long WENS-144.0000 -120.0000 72.0000 56.0000
Subjectseconomic geology; metallic minerals; stratigraphy; mineralogy; igneous and metamorphic petrology; structural geology; general geology; mineral deposits; sedimentary ore deposits; zinc; lead; silver; gold; copper; barium; skarn deposits; barite; epithermal deposits; miogeoclines; tectonic elements; continental margins; Cordilleran Orogen; Wernecke Supergroup; Mackenzie Mountains Assemblage; Windermere Supergroup; Purcell Supergroup; Muskwa Formation; Anvil District; Howards Pass (Xy) Deposit; Selwyn Basin; Mactung Deposit; Jason Deposit; Tom Deposit; Cassiar Terrane; Alexander Terrane; Windy Craggy Deposit; Grew Creek Deposit; Ketza River Deposit; Precambrian; Cambrian; Ordovician; Devonian; Silurian; Carboniferous; Permian; Paleozoic; Triassic; Jurassic; Cretaceous; Mesozoic; Tertiary; Cenozoic
Illustrationscharts; stratigraphic columns
Released1991 07 01

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