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TitleThe Frasnian-Famennian extinction: current results and possible causes
AuthorGoodfellow, W D; Geldsetzer, H H J; McLaren, D J; Orchard, M JORCID logo; Klapper, G
SourceDevonian of the world. Volume III: paleontology, paleoecology and biostratigraphy; by McMillan, N J (ed.); Embry, A F (ed.); Glass, D J (ed.); Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Memoir no. 14, 1988 p. 9-21
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 23888
MeetingSecond International Symposium On The Devonian System; Calgary, Alberta; CA; August 17-20, 1987
ProvinceAlberta; Northwest Territories
NTS95H; 83C
AreaTrout River; Medicine Lake; Montagne Noir Area; Bad Wildungen Area; Utah; Nevada; China; Australia; Canada; United States of America; Germany; France; Belgium; Ussr
Subjectsgeochemistry; paleontology; extraterrestrial geology; Frasnian; Famennian; fossils; fossil zones; climatic fluctuations; climate; iridium geochemistry; carbon isotopes; oxygen isotopes; isotopes; regressions; geochemical anomalies; sulphur isotope ratios; meteorites; astroblemes; analyses; major element analyses; geochemical analyses; Upper Devonian; biostratigraphy; sedimentary facies; facies; sea level fluctuations; extinctions, biotic; Foraminifera; Gigas; Triangularis; Conodonts; Trout River Formation; Kaskisa Formation; Canning Basin, Australia; Invertebrata; Devonian
Illustrationscharts; analyses

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