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TitleContinental Ice Advances in northwestern Canada and Their Significance To Interior Basins in the Yukon
AuthorVincent, J S
SourceLate Cenozoic History of the Interior Basins of Alaska and the Yukon; by Carter, L D (ed.); Hamilton, T D (ed.); Galloway, J P (ed.); United States Geological Survey, Circular no. 1026, 1989 p. 18-21 Open Access logo Open Access
Alt SeriesGeological Survey of Canada, Contribution Series 20887
MeetingThe Late Cenozoic History Of The Interior Basins Of Alaska And The Yukon; Anchorage, Alaska; US; February 1987
ProvinceYukon; Northwest Territories
NTS117A; 117C; 107; 88A; 88B; 88C; 88D; 88E; 88F/02; 88F/03; 88F/04; 98A; 98B/SE; 98B/NE; 98C/01; 98C/08; 98D; 98E/SE; 98E/SW; 98F/01; 98F/08; 97A; 97B; 97C; 97D; 106; 95; 96 /SW; 116 /NE
AreaBanks Island; Victoria Island; Mackenzie River; Mackenzie Delta; Melville Island
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -112.0000 76.0000 60.0000
Subjectssurficial geology/geomorphology; environmental geology; geochronology; basins; glaciers; ice movement directions; tills; wisconsinian glacial stage; glacial stages; glacial deposits; radiometric dates; vegetation; climate, arctic; climatic fluctuations; climate; pleistocene; ice sheets; Laurentide Ice-sheet; Quaternary
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