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TitleQuartzose arenites and possible paleoplacers in Slave Structural Province, N.W.T.
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AuthorRoscoe, S M
SourceCurrent Research Part C, Canadian Shield/Recherches En Cours Partie C, Bouclier Canadien; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 90-1C, 1990 p. 231-238, (Open Access)
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Geological Survey of Canada; (1990). Current research part C, Canadian Shield, Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 90-1C
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ProvinceOntario; Manitoba; Northwest Territories; Nunavut
NTS86; 85 /NE; 76 /SW; 76 /NW; 52M/SW; 53G/SE
AreaMcrae Lake; Brown Lake; Newbigging Lake; Takiyuak Lake; Point Lake; Wallace Lake; Eyapamikama Lake; Rupp Lake
Lat/Long WENS-116.0000 -108.0000 68.0000 62.0000
Subjectsgeochemistry; igneous and metamorphic petrology; sedimentology; geochronology; metallic minerals; arenites; conglomerates; sedimentary rocks; archean; heavy minerals; gold; uranium; pyrite; radioactivity; assays; quartzites; metasedimentary rocks; metamorphic rocks; migmatites; mylonites; gneisses; uranium lead dates; zircon dates; radiometric dates; meta-arenites; major element analyses; trace element analyses; analyses; geochemical analyses; igneous rocks; plutonic rocks; volcanic rocks; lithology; gold geochemistry; uranium geochemistry; thorium geochemistry; titanium geochemistry; rare earths geochemistry; phosphorus geochemistry; chromium geochemistry; zirconium geochemistry; cobalt geochemistry; copper geochemistry; zinc geochemistry; placer deposits; mineral deposits; iron formations; Slave Province; Jackson Lake Formation; Likely Formation; Giant Yellowknife Mine; Beniah Formation; Keskarrah Formation; Cameron River Greenstone Belt; Beaulieu River Greenstone Belt; Beaulieu Rapids Formation; Point Lake Formation; Conley Formation; Superior Province; Rice Lake Group; Precambrian
Illustrationstables; charts; sketch maps
ProgramCanada-Northwest Territories Mineral Development Agreement, 1987-1991
Released1990 04 01