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TitleDevonian stratigraphy of the Hudson Platform
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorSanford, B V; Norris, A W
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Memoir no. 379, 1975, 369 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
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ProvinceNorthern offshore region; Quebec; Ontario; Manitoba; Nunavut
NTS32L/10; 32L/11; 32L/12; 32L/13; 32L/14; 32L/15; 32M/02; 32M/03; 32M/04; 32M/05; 32M/06; 32M/07; 32M/10; 32M/11; 32M/12; 32M/14; 32M/15; 33D/02; 42I/03; 42I/04; 42I/05; 42I/06; 42I/07; 42I/08; 42I/09; 42I/10; 42I/11; 42I/12; 42I/13; 42I/14; 42I/15; 42I/16; 42J; 42K; 42N; 42O; 42P/01; 42P/02; 42P/03; 42P/04; 42P/05; 42P/06; 42P/07; 42P/08; 42P/10; 42P/11; 42P/12; 42P/13; 42P/14; 42P/15; 43A/03; 43A/04; 43A/05; 43A/06; 43A/12; 43A/13; 43A/14; 43A/15; 43A/10; 43B; 43C; 43H/02; 43H/03; 43H/04; 43M/11; 43M/12; 43M/13; 43M/14; 43M/15; 43M/16; 43N/13; 43N/14; 43N/15; 43N/16; 44B/03; 44B/04; 44B/05; 44B/06; 44B/11; 44B/12; 44B/13; 44B/14; 44C; 44D; 44E; 44F; 44G/03; 44G/04; 44G/05; 44G/06; 44G/11; 44G/12; 44G/13; 44G/14; 44J/03; 44J/04; 44J/05; 44J/06; 44J/11; 44J/12; 44J/13; 44J/14; 44K; 44L; 44M; 44N; 44O/03; 44O/04; 44O/05; 44O/06; 44O/11; 44O/12; 44O/13; 44O/14; 45B; 45C; 45D; 45E; 45F; 45G; 45H/03; 45H/04; 45H/05; 45H/06; 45H/11; 45H/12; 45H/13; 45H/14; 45I/03; 45I/04; 45I/05; 45I/06; 45J/01; 45J/02; 45J/03; 45J/04; 45J/05; 45J/06; 45J/07; 45J/08; 45K/01; 45K/02; 45K/03; 45K/04; 45K/05; 45K/06; 45K/07; 45K/08; 45L/01; 45L/02; 45L/03; 45L/04; 45L/05; 45L/06; 45L/07; 45L/08; 53O/13; 53O/14; 53O/15; 53O/16; 53P/09; 53P/13; 53P/14; 53P/15; 53P/16; 54A; 54B; 54C; 54D/07; 54D/08; 54D/09; 54D/10; 54D/11; 54D/14; 54D/15; 54D/16; 54E; 54F/01; 54F/02; 54F/03; 54F/04; 54F/05; 54F/06; 54F/07; 54F/10; 54F/11; 54F/12; 54F/13; 54F/14; 54F/15; 54G; 54H; 54I; 54J; 54K/02; 54K/03; 54K/04; 54K/05; 54K/06; 54K/07; 54K/10; 54K/11; 54K/12; 54L/01; 54L/02; 54L/03; 54L/04; 54L/05; 54L/06; 54L/07; 54L/08; 54L/09; 54L/10; 54L/11; 54L/12; 54L/14; 54L/15; 54M/02; 54M/03; 54M/06; 54M/07; 54O; 54P; 55A; 55B; 55G; 55H; 55I/01; 55I/02; 55I/07; 55I/08
AreaHudson Bay
Lat/Long WENS-86.0000 -78.5000 53.2500 50.0000
Lat/Long WENS-95.5000 -81.0000 62.5000 55.5000
Subjectsstratigraphy; paleontology; economic geology; industrial minerals; fossil distribution, strata; lithology; gedinnian; sedimentary rocks; limestones; siegenian; emsian; lower devonian; fossils; middle devonian; upper devonian; eifelian; givetian; frasnian; famennian; unconformities; stratigraphic correlations; biostratigraphy; gypsum; siderite; limonite; hydrocarbons; drillholes; isopachs; facies; carbonate rocks; cores; dolostones; Corals; Attawapiskat Formation; Bad Cache Rapids Group; Churchill River Group; Ekwan River Formation; Hudson Basin; Hudson Bay Lowland; Hudson Platform; Kenogami River Formation; Kwataboahegan Formation; Long Rapids Formation; Moose River Basin; Moose River Formation; Murray Island Formation; Operation Winisk; Red Head Rapids Formation; Severn River Formation; Sextant Formation; Stooping River Formation; Williams Island Formation; Conodonts; Spores; Brachiopoda; Ostracoda; Stromatoporoids; Echinodermata; Invertebrata; Devonian; Silurian
Illustrationscorrelation charts; cross-sections
Released1976 04 01; 2014 01 21
AbstractDevonian rocks occur in two intracratonic basins in the Hudson Bay region of Canada: the well-known Moose River Basin in the south and the Hudson Bay Basin to the north, separated by the prominent northeast-trending Cape Henrietta Maria Arch. Only part of the Devonian succession of the Hudson Bay Basin is present on the mainland, the remainder being covered by water of Hudson Bay. Lower Devonian rocks in the southeastern part of the Moose River Basin comprise the upper carbonate member of the Kenogami River Formation (Gedinnian); the extremely fossiliferous limestones and less numerous dolomites of the Stooping River Formation (Siegenian and Emsian); and the continental, plant-bearing clastic beds of the Sextant Formation (Emsian). Middle Devonian strata comprise coral and stromatoporoidal bituminous limestones of the Kwataboahegan Formation (early Eifelian); gypsum, limestones, dolomites and brecciated carbonates of the Moose River Formation (mid-Eifelian) ; fossiliferous limestones of the Murray Island Formation (late Eifelian); and the lower shale and upper carbonate members of the Williams Island Formation (Givetian, and possibly early Frasnian at the top). The Upper Devonian rocks consist of dark bituminous shales and mudstones of the Long Rapids Formation (Frasnian and early Famennian). The Devonian succession is similar lithologically and faunally to that in the Allegheny and Michigan Basins to the south, and bears some resemblance to that in the Williston Basin to the southwest. Unconformities of wide regional extent are present at three horizons in the sequence; these occur in the early Siegenian, late Eifelian, and early Givetian. A possible fourth break may occur in the early Frasnian.

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