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TitleNew Information On the Flora and Age of the Beaufort Formation, Arctic Archipelago, and Related Tertiary Deposits in Alaska
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AuthorMatthews, J V, Jr
SourceCurrent Research Part D, Interior Plains and Arctic Canada/Recherches En Cours Partie D, Plaines Intérieures et Région Arctique Du Canada; by Geological Survey of Canada; Geological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 89-1D, 1989 p. 105-111, Open Access logo Open Access
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is contained in Current Research Part D, Interior Plains and Arctic Canada
File formatpdf
ProvinceNorthwest Territories; Nunavut
NTS69G/04; 69G/05; 79H/01; 79H/08; 88G/13; 89B/04; 89B/05; 89B/06; 89B/07; 89B/09; 89B/10; 89B/11; 89B/12; 89B/13; 89B/14; 89B/15; 89B/16; 89C/01; 89C/02; 89C/03; 89C/04; 89C/05; 89C/06; 89C/07; 89C/08; 89C/09; 89D/14; 89D/15; 89E/02; 89E/03; 97G/16; 97H/13; 97H/14; 98D/03; 98D/04; 98D/05; 98D/06; 98D/10; 98D/11; 98D/12; 98D/13; 98D/14; 98D/15; 98E/02; 98E/03; 98E/04; 98E/07; 98H/16; 99A/01; 99A/02; 99A/03; 99A/06; 99A/07; 99A/08; 99A/09; 99A/10; 99A/16
AreaBanks Island; Prince Patrick Island; Meighen Island; Alaska; United States of America; Canada
Lat/Long WENS-125.0000 -121.0000 74.5000 71.7500
Lat/Long WENS-123.0000 -116.0000 77.7500 75.7500
Lat/Long WENS-115.0000 -113.0000 78.2500 77.5000
Lat/Long WENS-105.0000 -103.0000 79.5000 79.0000
Subjectspaleontology; geochronology; stratigraphy; fossils; pliocene; miocene; radiometric dates; oligocene; stratigraphic correlations; Beaufort Formation; Worth Point Formation; Kap Kobenhavn Formation; Tertiary
Released1989 03 01

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