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TitleSurficial geology of north-central Manitoba
AuthorKlassen, R W
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Memoir 419, 1986, 63 pages (2 sheets),
PublisherGeological Survey of Canada
MapsPublication contains 1 map
Map Info.surficial geology, surficial geology, 1:500,000
ProjectionTransverse Mercator Projection
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication contains Klassen, R W; Netterville, J A; (1985). Surficial geology, north-central Manitoba, Geological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map no. 1603A
RelatedThis publication is contained in McMartin, I; Campbell, J E; Dredge, L A; (2012). A trans-jurisdiction database of till composition across the Circum-Kisseynew area, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7064, Geological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map
File formatpdf; xls
NTS53B; 53C; 53D; 53E; 53F; 53G; 53J; 53K; 53L; 53M; 53N; 53O; 54B; 54C; 54D; 54E; 54F; 54G; 54J; 54K; 54L; 54M; 54N; 54O; 63A; 63B; 63C; 63F; 63G; 63H; 63J; 63I; 63K; 63N; 63O; 63P; 64A; 64B; 64C; 64F; 64G; 64H; 64I; 64J; 64K; 64N; 64O; 64P
AreaCanadian Shield; Hudson Bay Lowlands
Lat/Long WENS-102.0000 -90.0000 60.0000 52.0000
Subjectspaleontology; geochronology; stratigraphy; surficial geology/geomorphology; glacial deposits; glaciation; tills; wisconsinian glacial stage; deglaciation; glaciolacustrine deposits; glaciofluvial deposits; lacustrine deposits; alluvial deposits; marine deposits; peat; stratigraphic correlations; permafrost; pleistocene; radiocarbon dates; fossils; moraines; Churchill River Group; Tyrrell Sea; Glacial Lake Agassiz; Missinaibi Formation; Moose River Basin; Wigham Creek Formation; Amery Formation; Pollen; Quaternary; Cenozoic; Precambrian
Released1987 01 01; 2012 11 13