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TitleReport of activities, part B: November 1971 to March 1972
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorBlackadar, R G (ed.); Geological Survey of Canada
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 72-1B, 1972, 129 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherCanada Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
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ProvinceAlberta; British Columbia; Northwest Territories; Nunavut; Manitoba; Yukon; Quebec; Ontario; Newfoundland and Labrador
NTS82G; 82; 83; 82G/10; 92L/01; 92L/02; 92L/07; 92L/08; 92E/09; 92E/16; 92F/11; 92F/12; 92F/13; 92F/14; 93L; 93M/01; 93M/02; 93M/03; 93M/04; 75; 76; 77A; 77B; 77C; 77D; 85; 86; 87A; 87B; 87C; 87D; 63J/13; 63K/16; 63N/01; 63O/04; 85D; 49C; 49D; 49E; 49F; 116N/01; 116N/02; 116N/07; 116N/08; 116N/09; 116N/10; 116N/15; 116N/16; 116O; 116P; 117A; 117B/01; 117B/08; 117B/09; 117B/16; 117C/01; 117C/08; 117C/09; 117C/16; 117D/01; 117D/02; 117D/03; 117D/04; 117D/05; 117D/06; 117D/07; 117D/11; 117D/12; 78E/03; 78E/04; 78E/05; 78E/06; 78E/11; 78E/12; 78E/13; 78E/14; 78F; 78G; 78H/03; 78H/04; 78H/05; 78H/06; 78H/11; 78H/12; 78H/13; 78H/14; 79A/03; 79A/04; 79A/05; 79A/06; 79A/11; 79A/12; 79A/13; 79A/14; 79B; 88E; 88F/01; 88F/02; 88F/07; 88F/08; 88F/09; 88F/10; 88F/15; 88F/16; 88G/01; 88G/02; 88G/07; 88G/08; 88G/09; 88G/10; 88G/15; 88G/16; 88H; 89A; 89B/01; 89B/02; 89B/07; 89B/08; 89B/09; 89B/10; 89B/15; 89B/16; 83I; 95H; 72L/02; 105D; 115; 32D; 42A; 1K; 1L; 1M; 1N; 2C; 2D; 2E; 2F; 2L; 2M; 11I; 11O; 11P; 12B; 12G; 12H; 12I; 12P; 2L/04; 2L/05; 2L/12; 2L/13; 2M/03; 2M/04; 2M/05; 2M/06; 2M/11; 2M/12; 12I/01; 12I/02; 12I/03; 12I/04; 12I/05; 12I/06; 12I/07; 12I/08; 12I/09; 12I/10; 12I/11; 12I/12; 12I/14; 12I/15; 12I/16; 12P/01; 12P/02; 12P/03; 12P/07; 12P/08; 12P/09; 12P/10; 13I
AreaSnow Lake; Ellesmere Island; Labrador
Lat/Long WENS-116.0000 -114.0000 50.0000 49.0000
Lat/Long WENS-120.0000 -112.0000 56.0000 49.0000
Lat/Long WENS-114.5000 -114.5000 49.7500 49.5000
Lat/Long WENS-126.5000 -125.0000 50.5000 49.5000
Lat/Long WENS-128.0000 -126.0000 55.2500 54.0000
Lat/Long WENS-120.0000 -104.0000 70.0000 60.0000
Lat/Long WENS-100.5000 -99.5000 55.2500 54.7500
Lat/Long WENS-120.0000 -118.0000 61.0000 60.0000
Lat/Long WENS -88.0000 -80.0000 79.0000 77.0000
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -136.0000 69.7500 67.0000
Lat/Long WENS-118.0000 -105.0000 77.0000 74.0000
Lat/Long WENS-114.0000 -112.0000 55.0000 54.0000
Lat/Long WENS-122.0000 -120.0000 62.0000 61.0000
Lat/Long WENS-110.5000 -110.5000 50.2500 50.0000
Lat/Long WENS-141.0000 -134.0000 64.0000 60.0000
Lat/Long WENS -82.0000 -78.0000 49.0000 48.0000
Lat/Long WENS -59.5000 -52.5000 51.7500 46.5000
Lat/Long WENS -58.0000 -55.0000 51.7500 50.0000
Lat/Long WENS -58.0000 -56.0000 55.0000 54.0000
Subjectsgeneral geology; geochemistry; fossil fuels; paleontology; stratigraphy; igneous and metamorphic petrology; geophysics; mineralogy; metallic minerals; regional geology; geochronology; structural geology; surficial geology/geomorphology; engineering geology; miscellaneous; analytical methods; atomic absorption analyses; atomic absorption spectroscopy; gold; platinum; sample preparation; silver; ion exchange; tellurium geochemistry; coal; petrography; vitrinite; coal analyses; coke; maceral analyses; coal ranks; coal tests; chemical analyses; palynology; fossil lists; lithology; cobalt geochemistry; copper geochemistry; lake sediment geochemistry; lead geochemistry; nickel geochemistry; permafrost; zinc geochemistry; ares; e m surveys, airborne; navigation systems; magnetic surveys, airborne; seismic interpretations; seismic velocities; seismic surveys; electrical properties; rock analyses; magnetic interpretations; mica; mineral assemblages; serpentinization; spinel; alteration; copper; mineral deposits genesis; porphyry deposits; sedimentary ore deposits; volcanogenic deposits; molybdenum; galena; lead; lead isotope ratios; mining properties; base metals; radiometric dates; deformation; metamorphism; sillimanite isograds; well locations; anhydrite; evaporites; gypsum; disconformities; unconformities; soil studies; soils; boreholes; terrain sensitivity; pollen analyses; resistivity; clays; kansan glacial stage; gravels; drillholes; drilling techniques; photogrammetric techniques; till geochemistry; mineral deposits; inclusions; glacial history; beach ridges; moraines; radiocarbon dates; sea level fluctuations; tills; submergence; Kootenay Formation; Balmer Coal Seam; Bonanza Volcanics; Harbledown Formation; Karmutsen Group; Karmutsen Volcanics; Parson Bay Formation; Quatsino Limestone; Sicker Group; Lougheed Island Basin; Bulkley Intrusives; Slave Province; Amisk Group; Missi Group; Snow Group; Cold Lake Formation; Elk Point Group; Ernestina Lake Formation; Tathlina Uplift; Baumann Fiord Formation; Ellesmere Island; Kingak Formation; Neruokpuk Formation; Pelecypoda; Paleozoic; Triassic; Precambrian; Quaternary
Illustrationscorrelation sections; histograms; photomicrographs; stratigraphic sections; correlation charts; electrical logs; cross-sections, structural; photographs; pollen diagrams
Released1972 01 01; 2015 07 29

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