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TitleQuaternary geology of Boothia Peninsula and northern district of Keewatin, central Canadian Arctic
AuthorDyke, A S
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Memoir 407, 1984, 26 pages,
MapsPublication contains 11 maps
Map Info.surficial geology, 1:500,000
Map Info.surficial geology, 1:2,000,000
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication contains Boydell, A N; Drabinsky, K A; Netterville, J A; Dyke, A S; (1984). Surficial Geology, Boothia Peninsula, Northwest Territories, Geological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map no. 1570A
File formatpdf
NTS46E; 46L; 46M; 47B/03; 47B/04; 47B/05; 47B/06; 47B/11; 47B/12; 47B/13; 47B/14; 47C/03; 47C/04; 47C/05; 47C/06; 47C/11; 47C/12; 47C/13; 47C/14; 47E/06; 47E/03; 47E/04; 47E/05; 47E/11; 47E/12; 47E/13; 47E/14; 47F/03; 47F/04; 47F/05; 47F/06; 47F/11; 47F/12; 47F/13; 47F/14; 48B/03; 48B/04; 48B/05; 48B/06; 48B/11; 48B/12; 48B/13; 48B/14; 48C/03; 48C/04; 48C/05; 48C/06; 48C/11; 48C/12; 48C/13; 48C/14; 48E/03; 48E/04; 48E/05; 48E/06; 48E/11; 48E/12; 48E/13; 48E/14; 56E; 56F; 56G; 56H; 56I; 56J; 56K; 56L; 56M; 56N; 56O; 56P; 57; 58A; 58B; 58C; 58D; 58E; 58F; 66H; 66I; 66P; 67A/01; 67A/02; 67A/07; 67A/08; 67A/09; 67A/10; 67A/15; 67A/16; 67D/01; 67D/02; 67D/07; 67D/08; 67D/09; 67D/10; 67D/15; 67D/16; 67E/01; 67E/02; 67E/07; 67E/08; 67E/09; 67E/10; 67E/15; 67E/16; 67H/01; 67H/02; 67H/07; 67H/08; 67H/09; 67H/10; 67H/15; 67H/16; 68A/01; 68A/02; 68A/07; 68A/08; 68A/09; 68A/10; 68A/15; 68A/16; 68D/01; 68D/02; 68D/07; 68D/08; 68D/09; 68D/10; 68D/15; 68D/16; 68E/01; 68E/02; 68E/07; 68E/08; 68E/09; 68E/10; 68E/15; 68E/16
Lat/Long WENS-98.0000 -86.0000 75.0000 65.0000
Subjectssedimentology; economic geology; geochronology; glaciofluvial deposits; glacial striations; marine deposits; fluvial deposits; soils; soil moisture; slope stability; radiocarbon dates; Boothia Peninsula; Quaternary
Illustrationslocation maps; histograms; cross-sections, structural; isobase charts
Released1984 01 01; 2013 10 24