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TitleDescriptive note on the Sydney Coal Field, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to accompany a revised edition of the geological map of the coal field, being sheets 133, 134, 135 N.S., summarized from the reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, with the addition of later observations
AuthorFletcher, H
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Separate Report no. 685, 1900, 18 pages (3 sheets); 1 microfiche,
Alt SeriesCanadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, Microfiche Series 06616
MapsPublication contains 3 maps
Map Info.geological, 1:63,360
Mediapaper; microfiche; on-line; digital
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File formatpdf
ProvinceNova Scotia
NTS11J/04; 11J/05; 11K/01; 11K/08
AreaCape Breton
Lat/Long WENS -60.4667 -59.7167 46.4500 46.0000
Subjectsregional geology; economic geology; fossil fuels; bedrock geology; lithology; sedimentary rocks; metamorphic rocks; limestones; dolomites; marbles; slates; conglomerates; marls; sandstones; clays; mineral occurrences; mineral deposits; coal; coal fields; coal seams; basin analysis; basins; ironstone; hematite; iron ores; copper; limestone, commodity; dolomite, commodity; gypsum, commodity; marble, commodity; building stones; flagstones; grindstones; brick clays/shales; fireclays; asbestos; syenites; granites; porphyries; Sydney Coal Field; Barachois Slates; Millstone Grit Group; George River Limestone; Cow Bay Basin; Glace Bay Basin; Sydney Basin; Bras d'Or Basin; Phanerozoic; Paleozoic; Carboniferous; Cambrian; Precambrian
Illustrationscorrelation charts
Released1900 01 01; 2016 07 26