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TitleDevonian stratigraphy of the Hudson Platform - part I: stratigraphy and economic geology
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AuthorSanford, B V; Norris, A W
SourceDevonian stratigraphy of the Hudson Platform; by Sanford, B V; Norris, A W; Geological Survey of Canada, Memoir 379, 1975 p. 1-121, Open Access logo Open Access
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RelatedThis publication is contained in Devonian stratigraphy of the Hudson Platform
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ProvinceQuebec; Ontario; Northern offshore region; Manitoba; Nunavut
NTS32L/10; 32L/11; 32L/12; 32L/13; 32L/14; 32L/15; 32M/02; 32M/03; 32M/04; 32M/05; 32M/06; 32M/07; 32M/10; 32M/11; 32M/12; 32M/14; 32M/15; 33D/02; 42I/03; 42I/04; 42I/05; 42I/06; 42I/07; 42I/08; 42I/09; 42I/10; 42I/11; 42I/12; 42I/13; 42I/14; 42I/15; 42I/16; 42J; 42K; 42N; 42O; 42P/01; 42P/02; 42P/03; 42P/04; 42P/05; 42P/06; 42P/07; 42P/08; 42P/10; 42P/11; 42P/12; 42P/13; 42P/14; 42P/15; 43A/03; 43A/04; 43A/05; 43A/06; 43A/12; 43A/13; 43A/14; 43A/15; 43A/10; 43B; 43C; 43H/02; 43H/03; 43H/04; 43M/11; 43M/12; 43M/13; 43M/14; 43M/15; 43M/16; 43N/13; 43N/14; 43N/15; 43N/16; 44B/03; 44B/04; 44B/05; 44B/06; 44B/11; 44B/12; 44B/13; 44B/14; 44C; 44D; 44E; 44F; 44G/03; 44G/04; 44G/05; 44G/06; 44G/11; 44G/12; 44G/13; 44G/14; 44J/03; 44J/04; 44J/05; 44J/06; 44J/11; 44J/12; 44J/13; 44J/14; 44K; 44L; 44M; 44N; 44O/03; 44O/04; 44O/05; 44O/06; 44O/11; 44O/12; 44O/13; 44O/14; 45B; 45C; 45D; 45E; 45F; 45G; 45H/03; 45H/04; 45H/05; 45H/06; 45H/11; 45H/12; 45H/13; 45H/14; 45I/03; 45I/04; 45I/05; 45I/06; 45J/01; 45J/02; 45J/03; 45J/04; 45J/05; 45J/06; 45J/07; 45J/08; 45K/01; 45K/02; 45K/03; 45K/04; 45K/05; 45K/06; 45K/07; 45K/08; 45L/01; 45L/02; 45L/03; 45L/04; 45L/05; 45L/06; 45L/07; 45L/08; 53O/13; 53O/14; 53O/15; 53O/16; 53P/09; 53P/13; 53P/14; 53P/15; 53P/16; 54A; 54B; 54C; 54D/07; 54D/08; 54D/09; 54D/10; 54D/11; 54D/14; 54D/15; 54D/16; 54E; 54F/01; 54F/02; 54F/03; 54F/04; 54F/05; 54F/06; 54F/07; 54F/10; 54F/11; 54F/12; 54F/13; 54F/14; 54F/15; 54G; 54H; 54I; 54J; 54K/02; 54K/03; 54K/04; 54K/05; 54K/06; 54K/07; 54K/10; 54K/11; 54K/12; 54L/01; 54L/02; 54L/03; 54L/04; 54L/05; 54L/06; 54L/07; 54L/08; 54L/09; 54L/10; 54L/11; 54L/12; 54L/14; 54L/15; 54M/02; 54M/03; 54M/06; 54M/07; 54O; 54P; 55A; 55B; 55G; 55H; 55I/01; 55I/02; 55I/07; 55I/08
AreaHudson Bay
Lat/Long WENS-86.0000 -78.5000 53.2500 50.0000
Lat/Long WENS-95.5000 -81.0000 62.5000 55.5000
Subjectsstratigraphy; paleontology; economic geology; industrial minerals; fossil distribution, strata; lithology; gedinnian; sedimentary rocks; limestones; siegenian; emsian; lower devonian; fossils; middle devonian; upper devonian; eifelian; givetian; frasnian; famennian; unconformities; stratigraphic correlations; biostratigraphy; gypsum; siderite; limonite; hydrocarbons; drillholes; isopachs; facies; Attawapiskat Formation; Bad Cache Rapids Group; Churchill River Group; Ekwan River Formation; Hudson Basin; Hudson Bay Lowland; Hudson Platform; Kenogami River Formation; Kwataboahegan Formation; Long Rapids Formation; Moose River Basin; Moose River Formation; Murray Island Formation; Operation Winisk; Red Head Rapids Formation; Severn River Formation; Sextant Formation; Stooping River Formation; Williams Island Formation; Corals; Invertebrata; Devonian
Illustrationscorrelation charts; cross-sections, stratigraphic; stratigraphic sections
Released1976 04 01

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