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TitleGeology of Bathurst Island Group and Byam Martin Island, Arctic Canada (operation Bathurst Island)
AuthorKerr, J W
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Memoir 378, 1974, 152 pages (2 sheets),
MapsPublication contains 1 map
Map Info.geological, 1:250,000
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication contains Kerr, J W; (1974). Geology, Bathurst Island Group and Byam Martin Island, District of Franklin, Geological Survey of Canada, "A" Series Map no. 1350A
File formatpdf
NTS68G/01; 68G/04; 68G/05; 68G/08; 68G/09; 68G/10; 68G/11; 68G/13; 68G/14; 68G/15; 68G/16; 68H/02; 68H/03; 68H/04; 68H/05; 68H/06; 68H/07; 68H/08; 68H/09; 68H/10; 68H/11; 68H/12; 68H/13; 68H/14; 68H/15; 68H/16; 69A/02; 69A/03; 69A/04; 69A/05; 69A/06; 69A/07; 69A/10; 69A/11; 69A/12; 69B/01; 69B/02; 69B/03; 69B/04; 69B/05; 69B/06; 69B/07; 69B/08; 69B/09; 69B/10; 69B/11; 69B/12; 78H/01; 78H/08; 79A/01; 79A/08; 79A/09
AreaBathurst Island; Byam Martin Island
Lat/Long WENS-105.0000 -96.0000 76.7500 75.0000
Subjectsregional geology; structural geology; stratigraphy; bedrock geology; lithology; structural features; folds; faults; Bathurst Island Formation; Bay Fiord Formation; Belcher Channel Formation; Bird Fiord Formation; Bjorne Formation; Blue Fiord Formation; Cape Phillips Formation; Cornwallis Fold Belt; Cornwallis Group; Disappointment Bay Formation; Eids Formation; Eureka Sound Formation; Griper Bay Formation; Hecla Bay Formation; Heiberg Formation; Irene Bay Formation; Isachsen Formation; Jaeger Formation; Melville Island Group; Operation Bathurst Island; Parry Islands Fold Belt; Schei Point Formation; Stuart Bay Formation; Thumb Mountain Formation; Trold Fiord Formation; Ordovician; Devonian
Illustrationscross-sections, stratigraphic; cross-sections, structural
Released1974 10 01; 2014 01 21