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TitleRocks and minerals for the collector Ottawa to North Bay, Ontario; Hull to Waltham, Quebec
LicencePlease note the adoption of the Open Government Licence - Canada supersedes any previous licences.
AuthorSabina, A P
SourceGeological Survey of Canada, Paper no. 70-50, 1971, 140 pages, Open Access logo Open Access
PublisherGeological Survey of Canada
Mediapaper; on-line; digital
RelatedThis publication is superceded by Rocks and minerals for the collector: Ottawa to North Bay and Huntsville, Ontario; Gatineau (Hull) to Waltham and Témiscaming, Quebec
File formatpdf
ProvinceQuebec; Ontario
NTS31G/05; 31G/12; 31G/13; 31F; 31E/07; 31E/08; 31E/09; 31E/10; 31E/11; 31E/14; 31E/15; 31E/16; 31J/04; 31J/05; 31K/01; 31K/02; 31K/03; 31K/04; 31K/05; 31K/06; 31K/07; 31K/08; 31L/01; 31L/02; 31L/03; 31L/06; 31L/07; 31L/08
Lat/Long WENS-79.5000 -75.5000 46.7500 45.0000
Subjectsmineralogy; mineral occurrences; mining properties
Released1976 11 01; 2014 01 30
AbstractOccurrences of minerals, rocks, and fossils are described from about two hundred easily accessible localities on either side of the Ottawa River from Ottawa - Hull to North Bay. They are reached by following Highway 17 in Ontario and Highway 8 in Quebec. Most of the collecting localities are in Renfrew County. Ontario. A wide variety of minerals are found in this area, and some localities are known for the museum-type specimens collected from them. The earliest mines were the apatite and iron mines that were operated in the 1880s. Other deposits that were subsequently worked include corundum, molybdenite, zinc, celestite, garnet, pyrite, beryl, marble, limestone, feldspar, rare element minerals, and dolomite. The only mine currently in operation is that of Dominion Magnesium Limited at Haley Station. In the Nipissing District there are numerous former feldspar mines as well as deposits of kyanite, garnet, muscovite, niobium, and brucite. Some of these deposits are accessible only by boat. The region north of the Ottawa River was formerly mined for mica, apatite, uranium, lead-zinc, feldspar, molybdenite, and limestone. The Hilton iron mine is the only current producer. In addition, there are occurrences of brucite, pyroaurite, szajbelyite, cordierite, and asbestos. Minerals and/or rocks that could possibly be used for lapidary purposes include: feldspar (peristerite, sun-stone), rose quartz, graphic granite, and corundum from Renfrew County; feldspar (peristerite, amazonite), jaspilite, and graphic granite from the North Bay area; peristerite and cordie rite from the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. Ordovician fossils may be collected from numerous road-cuts and quarries in the Ottawa Pembroke and Aylmer areas.

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